The Nice and Accurate Thoughts of Ben Eubank (re: comics)

HLB_Cv298Hello! This was a huuuge week for me with new issues so I’m keeping this short!

Hellblazer – The first issue of the final Vertigo arc of Hellblazer hooked me. Why the heck haven’t I been reading this book??? John knows he’s going to die… but how… and why? I’ve got a lot of catching up to do! 5/5

All-New X-Men – Present and past collide in the fourth issue and it’s quite a show. This series has not disappointed in the slightest yet! 4/5

Avengers Now – The second issue expands the new universe… history, characters, and back story. Ex Nihilo explains what he’s doing and we see the expanded Avengers team come together. Overall… great issue! 4/5

Avengers Arena – This issue shows off some more of Arcade’s work and focuses on Ryker and her backstory. Murder World definitely continues in this issue! 3/5

Batwoman – Medusa invades Gotham and Maggie is not faring well… against these foes or the parents of the missing children. But Batwoman and Wonder Woman are closeby! J.H. Williams takes a break from some of the art this issue while Maggie’s past is explored but don’t be discouraged because it’s still a great issue! 3/5

Cable and X-Force – Cable makes some decisions about his future in this issue and Hope is once again thrown into the public’s eye. I really liked this story and art a lot again this week… check it out! 4/5

Chew – The sixth trade paperback marking the mid-series point arrived and includes the “Secret Agent Poyo” one-shot and several extras at the end. It’s AWESOME… but not the part where someone dies 😦 5/5

Django Unchained – Oh this new Quentin Tarantino film is going to be awesome! If you’re into Kill BillPulp Fiction, or Inglourious Basterds, you should definitely check out this issue! 4/5

Green Lantern – Simon Baz uncovers the truth of what led him to receiving the Green Lantern ring… and then a talking squirrel appears… it was pretty cool. 3/5

Green Lantern New Guardians – Kyle sets out to master the Orange spectrum while the Third Army attacks. A Guardian makes an important sacrifice and another Guardian sets off on a mission. Next month will be awesome! 5/5

Hawkeye – You’d think Clint could untangle some cables… but nope. LOL. But, he can become defensive of his home and his neighbors when he needs to be. I wonder what’s going to happen next! 5/5

Journey Into Mystery – Lady Sif isn’t acting like a nice lady right now. Mean to Fandral… mean to Volstagg’s daughter… mean to her brother, Heimdall. Her heart’s in the right place but she’s not making the right choices. We’ll see what Heimdall’s Time Out does for her! 5/5

Locke and Key – Rufus says goodbye to some of the Locke family before he is taken to an institution where he begins to formulate a plan to stop Dodge. We’re getting close to the end! I hope everyone is reading this! 5/5

Red Hood and the Outlaws – “Death of the Family” starts in earnest with this issue… and the Joker’s mind games are in full force. How will the Outlaws and the Teen Titans save their leaders next month?? 4/5

Saga – I can only say one word: Gwendolyn. 5/5

Star Trek TNG / Doctor Who: Assimilation – The crossover event is concluded with this issue! Personally, I didn’t care too much for this issue… I didn’t like the characterization of the Cyber-Controller at the end. 1/5

Star Trek TNG: Hive – The third issue of this book was awesome. The art was great and the way the story is told made me really happy. I can’t wait to see what happens next! 4/5

Supergirl – H’El and Kara work together some more in this issue… but to what end? H’El transports Kara into Superman’s bottled city of Kandor to retrieve their central power crystal and she encounters an old friend. Great issue again… far better than the Superboy and Superman titles right now in my opinion. 4/5

Thor: God of Thunder – The third issue of this NOW! title introduces us to Omnipotence City, the capital of gods and immortals. Thor goes there to try to understand where the God Butcher came from and what his goal is. I really liked seeing Omnipotence City since we’ve seen the Infinite Embassy and I loved that. Another thing I really like about this issue is that it’s not too split between the different time periods. 4/5

Wonder Woman – Orion comes to Earth in this issue and we meet another of Zeus’ children. Hera and Zola’s relationship becomes a tad less hostile… and oh yeah, Cliff Chiang did the art in this issue!! 4/5


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