The Nice and Accurate Thoughts of Ben Eubank (re: Comics)

jim mg tpHello! This was a small week for me but it had some really good new NOW! titles… and more Journey Into Mystery!

Journey Into Mystery – “The Manchester Gods” storyline is collected this month into the fourth volume trade paperback. The balance of power in Otherworld is threatened and it’s up to Loki and Leah to prevent a grave danger from threatening divinity itself. This was a great story that setup the “Everything Burns” arc superbly. This trade also include The Mighty Thor Annual featuring Galactus, Silver Surfer, and others fighting the mysterious Other. This is a great story… go pick it up! 5/5

Adventure Time – Do you love Adventure Time? Of course you do! Make sure you check out this issue full of all the covers of the comic run so far! 3/5

Avengers Arena – It’s not Battle Royale… but it’s close! This issue was awesome. It starts off fast and throws you right into the action. A group of teenaged super-heroes have been kidnapped and placed somewhere where they must fight each other and there can only be one survivor. If you liked Battle Royale or The Hunger Games, you’ll like this! 5/5

Batgirl – The courtship continues! Batgirl accepts the Joker’s proposal and things start to speed up. This issue had some of my favorite panels this week and the story was awesome. It’s a shame Gail Simone was removed from the title… at least we have a few more issues in the “Death of the Family” event! 4/5

Cable and X-Force – This was my favorite Marvel NOW! title this week. The issue focuses on Cable and his daughter, Hope. I really liked the flow of this issue and the art was great. I’m really looking forward to seeing what happens next! 5/5

Superboy – Superboy is a mess! H’El has done something to unravel his unusual DNA. Luckily, Superman isn’t averse to helping Superboy… mostly because he wants to know what he is and where he came from. Superman tries to help him by using his own battle armor which yields some odd results before H’El reappears. 3/5


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