The Nice and Accurate Thoughts of Ben Eubank (re: comics)

hawkeye5Hello! This week was full of great books… some of which are number ones like Avengers NowBlackacreI Love TroubleThe Legend of Luther Strode, and of course, Thunderbolts!

Hawkeye – This is definitely my most favorite Marvel comic other than Journey Into Mystery. The art, the humour, and the story-telling make this series so great. This issue gave us the conclusion to the two-part story begun last month. Clint and Katie track down the incriminating tape and in the process help uncover a mole inside of S.H.I.E.L.D. It was quite a ride this issue… and if you haven’t already jumped on board, you better do it soon! 5/5

All-New X-Men –  Issue three was another issue full of perfection. Scott and Erik find a place for the new mutants to be; they attempt to free and bring Emma with them; and a new mutant is discovered. And then the most awesome moment arrives and sets up the next issue. The art, the story, and the pacing of this book are incredible so far. 5/5

Avengers – Think bigger. That’s the theme of the first issue of the Marvel NOW! relaunch of Avengers. Right in the first few pages, we see that Jonathan Hickman has big plans for Earth’s mightiest heroes… plans that might be the end of everything… or the beginning. The look and feel of this issue was great; I can’t wait to see how things go from here. 5/5

Blackacre – A new series from Image, Blackacre, promises to deliver a good story about post-apocalyptic North America. The issue begins with a future historian recounting how a group of powerful businessmen created a place safe from the oncoming decline of civilization. It should be interesting to see how this series develops. 2/5

Deadpool – Doctor Strange helps Deadpool and S.H.I.E.L.D. track down the magician who brought forth the former dead presidents’ spirits. Some answers were given in this issue and some awesome one-liners also were spoken. It was yet again another good issue! 3/5

Doctor Who – Issue three of the new volume of Doctor Who continues the trend of the Doctor and Rory not liking each other very much. Honestly, at this point, it feels a little overdone. This issue is also the first without Mark Buckingham’s interior art. The story was alright other then the Doctor versus Rory theme and I’m still looking forward to the next issue. 3/5

Earth Two – This month’s issue was fairly slow. Hawkgirl confronts Alan Scott in his home; and Terry Sloan and Amar Khan’s rivalry is shown quite a bit more than needed. I’m ready for the new arc to begin… 2/5

Fairest – Rapunzel continues her quest to find her children; Bigby and Frau Totenkinder head off to Japan; and a lot of history is shown. I really liked how this issue really seemed to give life to Rapunzel’s hair. For too long it’s seemed like just a normal curse that causes a lot of inconvenience; but no longer. Things are clearly coming to a head and it’ll be great to find out what happens. 5/5

I Love Trouble – Another Image #1, this is probably my favorite new series issue of the week. The combination of art, story, and the physical paper is excellent. A girl with some questionable morals discovers that she has a superpower during an airplane crash. What she does next is not typical comic book form… she isn’t a hero for sure. I will certainly be picking this up again next month. 5/5

Iron Man – Tony Stark continues tracking down Extremis this month. This time, he finds the technology actually being put to a good use trying to help a girl recover from illness. I enjoyed this issue a lot because of the emotional aspect. So far, this is one of my consistently favorite NOW! titles. 4/5

The Legend of Luther Strode – Luther Strode has become a legend. A good bit of time has obviously passed between this issue and where the series left off last time. Luther’s mission of killing bad guys has escalated and drawn some attention from certain people who don’t mind seeing their employees eliminated. This will certainly be a gory ride… jump onboard now! 5/5

The Phantom Stranger – This month’s issue was not quite my favorite of the run so far. The story centers around the interaction between the Haunted Highwayman and Doctor Thirteen; which didn’t interest me very much. The other side showed the Stranger trying to balance his real life and his pretend life. Hopefully next month’s issue is better. 1/5

Thunderbolts – The first issue of this series jumps right into the recruitment of some great characters like the Punisher and Deadpool. I liked the writing more than the art but I have faith it’ll grow into something awesome from how much this issue has been talked about. 4/5


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