The Nice and Accurate Thoughts of Ben Eubank (re: comics)

CHEW-30-Cover-unfinishedHello! OMG Chew….

Chew – The thirtieth issue of this series was absolutely incredible and heart-wrenching. There’s a wedding, a death, and a jogged memory. This is the mid-point of the series and it was just amazing. I had all the feels about this issue. Pick it up ASAP… and if you’re not reading the series already, get on it! 5/5

All-New X-Men – The second issue of this NOW! series certainly did not disappoint. The original X-Men make their leap forward and see quite a lot of things. It was really cool and the book looks like it’s going to head in a great direction. 5/5

Aquaman – This month’s issue introduces us to Arthur’s half-brother. A question is posed and answered… although maybe not answered honestly… we shall see! The issue involved a story about Arthur’s grandparents which was good and fit well. I enjoyed this issue immensely and am looking forward to the “Throne of Atlantis” story to begin in earnest. 3/5

Bedlam – The second issue of Bedlam was fantastic. The story is fun and interesting; and the art is amazing. I am thrilled about this book and I highly recommend you jump on board! 5/5

Before Watchmen: Silk Spectre – The final issue of the Silk Spectre run was done so well. I loved how things wrapped up and connected. I really liked seeing Laurie grow as her own person no longer completely controlled by her mother. This was my favorite Before Watchmen series when it began and it remained that way until the end. 4/5

I, Vampire – Andrew and Tig continue their quest to rebuild the vampire empire in this issue by going after a magician who may be a concern to John Constantine. I’m wondering how this will turn out next issue and how it’ll affect Mary and the team’s search for Andrew’s sire. Overall, this was a good issue this month that ended on a curious note. 3/5

Justice League Dark – The search for Timothy Hunter and Zatanna begins in this issue… and it doesn’t look like it’ll be easy. Meanwhile, Frankenstein, Black Orchid and Amethyst explore the House of Secrets and have a bit of fun. At the end of the issue, both the Phantom Stranger and Pandora make an appearance! 4/5

Morning Glories – Oh Morning Glories, what answers have you (maybe, sort of) given us with this issue? The answer as to which twin is on the cover with fingers through his head is finally here! We see two stories unfold throughout the issue… one being something that happened with the Headmaster two years ago; and the other being the events the Truants are involved in now. What’s going to happen next?? 5/5

Red Lanterns – The first encounter with the Third Army is concluded in this issue and Atrocitus is able to figure out their origin. He develops a plan to combat the Third Army and the Guardians and sets off to make this happen. Meanwhile, he sends Rankorr, along with Bleez, back to Earth to confront the reason he became a Red Lantern. I’m so ready to see what happens with that! 5/5

Superman – H’el makes his appearance to Superman in this issue and is not welcomed the way he wanted to be. I like the way he is trying to turn the family against each other. I like this cross-over a lot but I want to know H’el’s end game. 3/5

Thor: God of Thunder – This issue continued the three-timeline story-telling quite well. We learn who the God Butcher is and how he was dealt with in the past. I really want to know why the God Butcher is doing what he’s doing. This story is shaping up very well! 3/5


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