The Nice and Accurate Thoughts of Ben Eubank (re: comics)

Hello! Sorry I’m so late with this… it’s been a busy week! There were literally a ton of awesome comics last week! Let’s see what happened.

Star Trek – The Mirror Universe! We’ve seen one universe reel from the effects of Nero’s time travel… now it’s time to see what happened in another one. Let’s just say that I’m really excited to see the next part of this story! This was my favorite book of the week because I loved seeing the Mirror Universe in the TV shows… and this issue didn’t go quite the way I thought it would. It was awesome! 5/5

Batwoman – The art in this issue really was awesome.. it was definitely my favorite of the week. Batwoman and Wonder Woman continue to track down Medusa and discover she’s in Gotham. I really like this arc… I just hope it’s not a quick and easy ending! 4/5

Comeback – This first issue was really good. I’m shocked that I missed a new Image comic in the catalog… I almost didn’t get to read this. The idea behind this story is that there is an organization that can be hired to go back in time and adjust something. There is a limit to how far back they can go and it doesn’t always work out well for everyone. I’m excited to see where this goes and highly recommend you pick it up! 5/5

Deadpool – More dead presidents! More Deadpool dying! A zoo! And Benjamin Franklin’s ghost? Sure! All of these things make for a very good second issue! 3/5

Green Lantern: New Guardians – Kyle sets off to tackle the yellow spectrum this month in an interesting and unexpected way. It was a good read but the better part of this issue in my opinion was the part with Carol and the Zamarons. I like the interaction between the Guardians and Zamarons and definitely want to see what develops. 3/5

Iron Man – I wasn’t so sure of this comic after the first issue, but this week’s story was pretty good. Tony Stark is invited to an island controlled by a group who have some Extremis tech. There, he meets Merlin and the pair’s different technology is put to the test. The thing I loved most about this issue was the dialogue between Stark and Merlin. The way it was placed throughout the story was great. 4/5

Journey Into Mystery – Oh Journey Into Mystery, I do still love you! You may not have kid Loki and his cheeky awesomeness, but now you have the strong and willful Lady Sif so I think you’ll do just fine! I’m excited to read about her and see what she does to make Asgard strong again. Hurry up next issue already! 5/5

Justice League – The origin of the cheetah is shown to us in this month’s issue… as well as Barbara’s true colors. I’m excited to see how the ending of this fits into the upcoming “Throne of Atlantis” storyline. 3/5

Red Hood and the Outlaws – Superman makes an appearance in this issue looking for Starfire’s help! The team finally returns to Gotham just in time to attract the attention of the Joker… nothing bad better happen to Red Hood! 4/5

Supergirl – This issue dives right into the H’el on Earth crossover event. H’el abducts Kara and tells his story to her and gives her the option to do something that would be pretty interesting. Right now, I’m just fascinated by H’el and I’m wondering when things are going to go south. Overall, this is my favorite issue of the crossover so far. 3/5

Wonder Woman – Diana and her new-found sister, Siracca, battle out their frustrations this month. I liked their interaction and the way Diana has some hope for Hera. I was slightly puzzled by the whole First Born and New Gods side of this issue but as I researched it, I loved what this all could turn into. I’m extremely excited to see what happens! 5/5


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