The Nice and Accurate Thoughts of Ben Eubank (re: comics)

Hello! This was another week of great books. A bunch of Marvel NOW! titles began and the final arc of Locke & Key finally began!

Saga – Can I just tell you how much I loooooove Saga? I love it SO much! The drama unfolds this week with Marko and his mother on a nearby planet while searching for Izabel; and much more drama happens on the ship between Alana and Marko’s father. Please, please, please… if you’re not reading this book, pick it up now! 5/5

All-New X-Men – All-New X-Men – Out of the new Marvel NOW! titles, I think I enjoyed this number one issue the most so far. I have not read any X-Men titles and have only seen the movies and of course the old cartoon show. So, this issue did a good job showing the theme that I always saw before: the fear of mutantkind. I like that the issue didn’t introduce a ton of new characters and make things confusing. I’ll definitely be picking this up again in the coming months. 5/5

Batgirl – The Joker’s villainy continues in this issue! Barbara’s mother is kidnapped and her brother has some family issues… but none of this is as bad as what the Joker has in mind for Batgirl! I’m honestly really excited to see what happens in the next issue! 3/5

Locke & Key – Finally! The final chapter to Joe Hill’s epic Locke & Key saga has begun! While Tyler and Kinsey remember pivotal points in the story, Dodge (still in Bode’s body) has gathered the most powerful keys and begun moving the pieces into place for his victory. This is an excellent first issue of a new arc that gets us back into the swing of things while we countdown to the end. I hope everyone is ready… it’s going to be a hell of a ride! And oh, what’s that… that little thing on the second to last page… do you see it? 5/5

The Phantom Stranger – The Stranger’s life is expanded in this issue. Apparently he has a wife and kids… and they know nothing of his true nature. Pandora makes a surprise appearance in this issue looking for his help; and someone else arrives with a warning. This series has done a great job setting things up. I’m glad it’s staying interesting! 3/5

Star Trek: The Next Generation / Doctor Who: Assimilation – The Doctor quickly visits Wolf 359 to retrieve a copy of the Borg executive routines and returns to make plans to restore the collective. Now they just have to get past the Cybermen… we’ll find out how that goes in the conclusion next month! 3/5

Superboy – Superboy has his first encounter with the mysterious Kryptonian watcher and it doesn’t go too well for him despite his atypical powers. I’m very interested to find out what this watcher is after and what he means about Krypton surviving. 3/5

Thor: God of Thunder – The first issue of the Marvel NOW! series of Thor arrived this week and was pretty awesome. We see a younger Thor encounter something very unusual and disturbing; a present-day Thor begin to solve a puzzling mystery; and a future, old Thor get ready for what could be his final battle. I’m hooked! 5/5


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