The Nice and Accurate Thoughts of Ben Eubank (re: comics)

Hello! This was a Fantastic week of new comics! There were two new Marvel NOW! titles out and a bunch of trades, in addition to some pretty awesome issues!

Manhattan Projects – I am thrilled about the direction of this book. This issue brings the American and Russian scientists together in an effort to work together to defend Earth from outside threats that are now proven to exist. The scientists have decided to skip asking their governments to allow them to cooperate and this is going to make some people in the world rather unhappy. I’m so excited to see where things go from here. 5/5

Danger Club – The first trade paperback of this amazing series has finally arrived! The first volume, “Death,” collects issues one through four and includes a new sketchbook section. Now is the perfect time to dig into this amazing series if you haven’t listened to me about this already!

Deadpool – Finally! The first issue of the Marvel NOW! Deadpool is here! I liked this issue a lot… it made me laugh a bunch of times which is slightly unusual for what I read. Dead ex-presidents have been risen and are on a war path to remake America! SHIELD has assigned an agent to deal with this and she recruits Deadpool since none of the usual heroes can be seen fighting ex-presidents. I’m looking forward to seeing how this story progresses… so far it’s my favorite NOW! title. 4/5

Earth Two – Grundy is defeated for now in this week’s issue of Earth Two! I really liked the way Green Lantern dealt with the Grey and I eagerly anticipate the return of Grundy at some point. I’m really interested in seeing how Terry Sloane decides to handle the new wonders. Overall, it was a good issue and a good wrap-up of the first major threat. 3/5

Fairest – We dig further into Rapunzel’s interaction with the Hidden Kingdom in this month’s issue. She had set herself on a course to death but instead ended up being saved and taken to the Celestial Palace. There, she became part of that world and met Tomoko and ended up having a relationship with her… until things in the kingdom went south and the Adversary’s spies started changing things. Flashing forward, it’s revealed how much Tomoko has changed and how dangerous she is now. As always, I am continually overjoyed anytime there is a new issue of this book. On to next month already! 5/5

Green Lantern – The Justice League catches up to Simon Baz and demands to know what happened to Hal Jordan this month. We also see much more with the Guardians and their counterparts trapped within the Chamber of Shadows… and we see Black Hand again! This was a good issue in the “Rise of the Third Army” storyline… especially with the last few panels! 3/5

Iron Man – Another new Marvel NOW! title that released this week, Iron Man, was decent in my opinion. It picks up right away with Extremis being re-engineered and sold on the black market. The story feels like just a continuation of the old title so it feels like the NOW! part of the title doesn’t really matter. I’ll give it another issue before I make a decision… 3/5

Red Hood and the Outlaws – Another new trade paperback out this week, “Redemption,” collects Red Hood and the Outlaws issues one through seven. We get to experience the group come together again and it’s awesome! I loved re-reading the story of The Untitled and Essence. I highly recommend you pick up this trade!

The Sandman – There was new Sandman stuff this week!!! We have the new slipcase along with the reprint of Volume 10: The Wake. The slipcase is a beautiful piece and looks amazing. The reprint of Volume 10 features a new cover and was a thrill to re-read. The Annotated Sandman: Volume Two also arrived this week and I cannot wait to dig into that!

Star Trek The Next Generation: Hive – The second issue of Hive is here and continues the great story setup in last month’s issue. We learn a lot more about what happened 500 years ago with the Borg and the new threat to the galaxy. And poor Seven of Nine! I loved this issue just as much as the first one and can’t wait to find out what happens next! 5/5


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