The Nice and Accurate Thoughts of Ben Eubank (re: comics)

Hello! I have finally gotten to read last week’s comics and I was not disappointed at all! We had a few annuals and a few new books! Let’s talk about them!

Bedlam – This is a new series written by Nick Spencer and drawn by Riley Rossmo. I was blown away by how great the first issue is. The story asks the question, “is evil just something you are or something you do?” The story centers around a psychopathic murderer who apparently will be trying to help fix the city he has had a huge hand in destroying. I really like the premise and this issue left me with no doubts as to how good this could be. And not only is the story excellent… the art is incredible as well! It is being drawn by the same person who drew Green Wake (remember… one of my favorite series!) This is going to be a great run… you should jump onboard now! 5/5

Aquaman – The thirteenth issue helps set up the return of the Atlanteans. It’s revealed that Black Manta is working for someone else… and thanks to the Zero issue, we may know who. I truly love the way this series is going and I absolutely cannot wait for the “Throne of Atlantis” event to begin! 4/5

Doctor Who – This issue wrapped up the first story of the new Doctor Who volume and it was pretty good! The Hypothetical Gentleman’s plan is revealed although a lot is still shrouded in mystery. The Doctor unwittingly stops him… for now. As expected, the art was just awesome throughout the issue. I’m looking forward to seeing what happens next month! 4/5

Hit-Girl – Marcus almost catches Mindy in the act! Unfortunately, because of Hit-Girl’s recent actions, the family is directly put into danger because of Marcus’s visibility as a policeman. Next month wraps up this story and it should be full of Hit-Girl doing what she does best! 3/5

Justice League Dark – The Annual of this book was incredible! The War for the Books of Magic is on! Nick Necro has found the supposed hiding place of the Books and preparations are made to handle Constantine and the others… but as usual, things don’t work out the way he hoped. It’s revealed to us that Timothy Hunter is the only person who can safely handle the Books, reaffirming Xanadu’s vision a few months ago. The cliffhanger ending of this issue is one of the best in the series so far! 5/5


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