The Nice and Accurate Thoughts of Ben Eubank (re: comics)

Hello! Short week for me… but A-mazing quality books abound!

Danger Club – This issue blew me away. Every single issue so far in this series has been incredible and worthy of immense praise. This month focuses on the Magician venturing into the unknown to find the fate of the super-heroes. He injects himself with the golden serum that was extracted from the regenerating Apollo last month. With this, he is able to go somewhere else… somewhere that he hopes to do something good to help the world. Before he goes, but while we’re reading; he leaves a message for his parents telling them what he’s been doing. It’s very emotional and gripping. Mixed in with this is the part of the story featuring Kid Vigilante and Jack Fearless. Their story is a back-and-forth of hopelessness and purpose. Jack seems to have given up on saving the world and become a traitor; while Kid Vigilante pursues his plan. This was an incredible issue and I absolutely cannot wait to read the next one. This entire series does such an excellent job of pulling the reader in and not letting go. It’s refreshing to read something where the main conflict isn’t resolved in a few issues and the world keeps moving on almost as though nothing has happened… instead, this series shows us the aftermath of something gone horribly wrong and has given us almost a deadline for the end of the world. The story may be dismal, but the art we see and the feelings you get when reading make this one of the greatest series going on right now. 5/5

Doctor Who – Finally! A new Doctor Who comic! AND a good one at that! I’ve read Doctor Who comics many times before and none of them really did anything for me… until now. The story takes us to London in 1851 where we encounter a strange machine built by two people who think they’ve heard the voice of angels. Little do they know, they’ve built an inter-dimensional portal from which something is trying to escape. Luckily, the Doctor is in town. Besides Andy Diggle’s masterful storytelling, Mark Buckingham’s art is truly great. I’m anxious for the next issue to arrive so we can find out what will happen to Rory… and decide if we need to start shaking fists yelling, “DIGGGGGLE!” as we so often yell, “MOFFFFAT!” 5/5

Earth Two – The Grey can’t be stopped! This issue does well to explain to us what Grundy is and what the true goal is. When the Atom fails to destroy Grundy, and only makes matters worse; Alan Scott realizes that he must use the Green power to enter the Grey and try to stop Grundy there. I loved the art of Alan inside the Grey. Besides the Grey and Grundy, there was a lot of focus on the World Army and the Wonders. Terry Sloane, the man who destroyed so much, is even brought in as a consultant. I’m hoping we get to see much more of the World Army soon… they’ve been mentioned a lot so far but not really shown until now. I’d love to see a backstory for this organization. 4/5

Fairest – The eighth issue of this fantastic series begins a new story arc featuring Rapunzel. She is in New York getting one of her daily haircuts when all of a sudden, a flock of paper cranes breaks through the magical barriers of Fabletown and attacks her. The paper cranes were sent from the Hidden Kingdom in Japan and Rapunzel discovers that her children may still be alive. After being shut down by Snow White and Bigby, she decides to go to Japan anyway to find out what is going on. She enlists the help of her hairdresser Joel, Jack (from “Jack and the Beanstalk”), and even her mother, Frau Totenkinder. There is a lot to like about this issue… the story, the art, the mystery, the fact that it’s set before the war with the Adversary, and that her mother is revealed to be the Frau. We are eight issues into this new series and I couldn’t be happier with it! 5/5

Green Lantern – Continuing the “Rise of the Third Army,” this issue shows Simon Baz, his sister, and the government all trying to figure out who he really is and why he has a Green Lantern ring. Amanda Waller and the President discuss the various human Green Lanterns and decide to send in the Justice League; which I didn’t care too much for because when they show up, they just start fighting… it was kind of annoying. Probably the best part of this issue was the focus on Simon’s sister, Sira. Because of her brother’s suspected terrorist status, she and her family have been ostracized from society and she has even lost her job. She seems to have a lot of faith in her brother… hopefully she is able to keep it in the coming months. 4/5


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