The Nice and Accurate Thoughts of Ben Eubank (re: comics)

Hello! This past week was the final week of the DC Zero issues… and it went out with a bang! We got several fantastic Zero issues including Aquaman, Justice League Dark, and Superman. There were also a bunch of other very good issues that arrived from other publishers… here’s what I read!

Justice League Dark – This was my favorite issue of the week. The story centers on John Constantine learning magic in New York from Nick Necro alongside Zatanna. We get to see John become more and more powerful; while Nick withdraws further and further into his pursuit of power. This issue perfectly sets up Jeff Lemire’s current story arc with the Books of Magic and Nick’s involvement. Now having seen the history of these three very powerful people, I’m so ready to jump into the next issue! 5/5

Aquaman – This is one of the Zero issues I have been waiting for very impatiently… and I was definitely not let down! This month, Author watches his father die and decides to find Atlantis. His journey takes him to an old man claiming to be from Atlantis. What he learns about his family is shocking and I can’t wait to find out what it all means. I am even more impatiently waiting for the next issue now! 5/5

Before Watchmen: Ozymandias – Ozymandias finally meets Dr Manhattan in this issue. He builds a fortress and begins to keep an eye on the doctor. I liked this issue but wanted more… all that really happened in this issue was that Ozymandias met Dr Manhattan and realized that they are connected through fate somehow. 3/5

Hit-Girl – Mindy just keeps finding new and fun ways of dealing with problems. From drug dealers to snotty popular girls, she can handle it all. This month’s issue finally shows an end to her problems at school… while leaving us on a cliff-hanger! Overall, this was another good Hit-Girl issue but I’m anxious for things to reach a climax. 3/5

I, Vampire – In this month’s Zero issue for I, Vampire, we learn how Andrew Bennett became a vampire. We learn how he became the being who could send Cain to his prison; and we see Mary as a normal girl. I thoroughly enjoyed this issue… the writing, the art, the feel of it. I wouldn’t mind seeing a version of this told from Mary’s perspective… hopefully that’s coming too! 4/5

Journey Into Mystery – It’s almost the end of the Everything Burns arc… and things are certainly burning. Loki ventures to Hel to convince Hela to help him change things so that Asgardia wins the war with Muspelheim and Vanaheim. He has some luck and a friend is brought back. Hopefully everything works out for this character… I have missed them! 3/5

Mind the Gap – This issue was awesome! So much was revealed about the events leading to Elle being in a coma. There was a lot of character development in this issue for Elle’s boyfriend Dane as he is framed for her attack. You’ll never guess who’s controlling the hooded figure! If you haven’t picked up this series yet, now’s the perfect time to get caught up! 5/5

Red Lanterns – Have you wondered how Atrocitus became leader of the Red Lanterns? Well, pick up this issue and wonder no more! We are shown the story of how Atrocitus lost hope at the hands of the Guardians’ Manhunters; how he lost love while being part of the Five Inversions; and how he grew to understand what the universe planned for him. It was a really good issue… one of my favorites so far in the series. 5/5

Star Trek: The Next Generation / Doctor Who: Assimilation – What started as a mediocre story has improved a lot over the past two or so issues. This month, Captain Picard decides to let the Borg and Cybermen battle themselves without interference from the Enterprise. Rather than listen to the Doctor and Guinan, he focuses on his hatred for the Borg left from his time as Locutus. But not all hope is lost when Amy convinces the Captain to let the Doctor show him the future… a future where the Cybermen have taken over. Bring on the next issue already! 4/5

Superman – We’ve seen the clone war in the Zero issue for Superboy; we’ve seen Kara’s father send her to safety in Supergirl; and now we see the revelation of Krypton’s death in the Zero issue for Superman. I don’t read Superman but I’ll be starting to after reading this issue. I am completely enthralled at the prospect of some crazy time travel happening in the “Super” books! 4/5

Teen Titans – This final Zero issue didn’t thrill me. It was neat seeing Tim Drake become Red Robin but it was less emotional and enthralling as some of the other stories. While I enjoyed it, it just didn’t do much for me. 2/5


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  1. I will always remember Zatanna for The Brave and the Bold # 33. It is one of the best done-in-one issues I’ve ever read, along with “Seduction of the Gun” and “The Meaning of Life” (Shadow of the Bat # 72).

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