The Nice and Accurate Thoughts of Ben Eubank (re: comics)

Hello! This was a small, quality week for me… but there were a lot of great, new issues out. Be sure to check out a bunch of the Batman Zero issues… I’m sure they’re good. Here’s what I read this week!

Doctor Who – It’s time for another special annual edition of Doctor Who comics! This issue has several new stories featuring the Doctor, Amy and Rory traveling through time and space making things right. There’s even a prequel to the upcoming new ongoing Doctor Who series! This is definitely an issue to check out this week… get one while you can! 5/5

Chew – Agent Poyo is back! Oh, and Tony Chu and everyone else are back too. Issue 28 of this awesome series introduces meat that can spontaneously combust. While trying to find something else, a scientist stumbles across a gene that makes a cow spontaneously combust at the first sign of meat going bad. The scientist, greedily thinking this knowledge can be sold to the highest bidder, quickly becomes a target of the FDA and is tracked down. Overall, this was a fun issue and it’s always fun to see Tony’s sister in the story. Come on next issue! 5/5

Journey into Mystery – The “Everything Burns” arc is really heating up! Loki goes on a mission but ends up encountering the version of Leah that he wrote into the Serpent’s history during the “Fear Itself” arc… and she is not happy. A plan is hatched, a betrayal begun, and things burn. I can’t even guess what will happen next… Loki is far too tricky for that. 3/5

Manhattan Projects – This issue was similar to this month’s DC Zero issues in that it kind of restarted a story… or at least showed it from another point of view. It shows us a Nazi scientist who escaped but was captured by the Russians and taken to Star City… the home of a Russian project similar to the American Manhattan Projects. It was an interesting story and it makes you feel bad for the scientist… but really eager to see what will happen next. 4/5

Superboy – This Zero issue was fantastic. It flashes back to when Superboy is still in a lab being grown and tested. The story is narrated by the mysterious Harvest who knows a lot about Kryptonian history. He tells us about Kon, the merciless clone who led an army against the people of Krypton many centuries ago. It was really neat seeing some Kryptonian history and being able to understand why Kara behaved around him the way she did when she met him for the first time. 5/5


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