The Nice and Accurate Thoughts of Ben Eubank (re: comics)


I, Vampire – Andrew Bennett just can’t catch a break, can he? First it was the super-evil Cain, then the Van Helsing zombies, and now Stormwatch… jeez. The vampire/zombie plague has claimed an entire town and drawn the attention of Stormwatch. Apollo and the others go to fight Andrew and the vampires but end up fighting alongside him for a bit until a decision is made to use Andrew’s magic against the Van Helsing madness. Let’s go ahead right now and add super-evil, magical, vampire Andrew to the list of bad things happening! This was another excellent issue in a run of super-awesome storytelling… go pick up this book now! 5/5

America’s Got Powers – We’ve reached the half-way point in the America’s Got Powers series and it’s still going strong! This issue throws Tommy, or Zero, into the arena to show off what the government thinks he can do with his powers. But, they’re wrong… his powers don’t quite work the way they think… and we still don’t understand them yet either. While the government is looking one way, a group of rogue powered kids sneaks in to kidnap Tommy. I like this series so far and depending on what happens in the next few issues, I don’t think I’d mind this turning into an on-going series. 3/5

Before Watchmen: Dr Manhattan – This month gave us the number one issue of the Dr Manhattan story. It has timey-wimey stuff and deep thoughts… and I liked it. We’re introduced to Jon as he recounts his transformation and various important points in his life. We see him as a child; his apparent death in the lab; his resurrection; and his first meeting with Laurie and the other crime-fighters. I enjoyed this issue and am looking forward to seeing more. 4/5

Green Lantern: New Guardians – The twelfth issue finally brings the showdown between Larfleeze and Invictus, and explains why the various corps’ power rings were sent to Kyle. When the Guardians changed Ganthet, Sayd lashed out in an attempt to save him that began the formation of this new group. Unfortunately, murder and lies have soured everyone to the idea of helping Sayd… for now anyway. I can’t wait to see how all of this ties into the Third Army storyline. 3/5

Justice League Dark – Another fantastic issue of Justice League Dark has arrived! I am always so excited for this week of comics because I, Vampire and Justice League Dark are two of my favorite series and they come at the same time. This month’s issue shows us more of Dr Mist’s past and why he betrayed Constantine and the others. His motives are understandable, but things just won’t work out for him. The fight scene art in this issue was awesome as usual and the great storyline moved forward with introducing a new character to the game. I can’t wait to find out what the history is between this new character and John Constantine! 5/5

Star Trek – The trouble with Tribbles… is that there are so many of the cute, furry creatures. Something that I like about the Star Trek on-going series is that the stories are usually so simple. The art is fun and I like the way the stories tie back to both the original television series and the movie reboot. I appreciate that the comic isn’t trying to re-invent everything in such a way that it can’t be canon. Overall, this series is consistently good and appropriate for anyone. 3/5

Supergirl – This month’s issue of Supergirl shows us more interaction between Kara and Superman… but no fighting unfortunately. I suppose those days are over for now. We are presented with a lot of new information in this issue; for example, Kara’s pod had orbited Earth’s sun for a long time… on purpose; and Simon Tycho is back, apparently to help Kara find answers… but what does he want? I have to say that I really liked the art and feel of this issue. Bring on issue thirteen already! 4/5


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