The Nice and Accurate Thoughts of Ben Eubank (re: comics)

Hello! What a great comic week we had last week… let’s discuss!

Wonder Woman – I almost feel bad for Hera in this issue… the poor goddess, can’t she just have something go right for her? She’s been abandoned by Zeus, betrayed by Apollo, defeated by Diana, and exiled from Olympus. Apollo assumes his new throne and Zola finally gives birth… and then things quickly go bad for people. There are some big surprises in this issue with Diana’s godliness and possibly the New Gods that I CANNOT WAIT to see what develops in the coming issues. This issue was amazing and absolutely my pick of the week! Check out the *spoilery* image at the bottom! 5/5

Batwoman – I haven’t read this series for a while but I picked up this issue specifically because of Wonder Woman’s involvement… and I am so glad I did! What I didn’t realize was that Wonder Woman will be in this arc for a few issues and when I figured that out, I was overjoyed. This issue did a good job of setting up things for the next issues. Between this and the amazing art of J.H. Williams III, I almost didn’t know what to do. I definitely recommend that you pick up this issue! 5/5

Before Watchmen: Rorschach – The first issue of the Rorschach run was pretty good. I enjoyed the art; and the story was stronger in the first issue than some of the other Before Watchmen issues. But, it didn’t grab me as much as Silk Specter or Ozymandias. 2/5

Green Lantern – The twelfth issue delivers Sinestro and Hal Jordan into the clutches of Black Hand along with the Book of the Black. For a minute, Black Hand is happy at what the Book delivered to him… until he read what it said. The issue was fantastic from cover to cover and I cannot wait to see where this is heading! 5/5

Red Hood and the Outlaws – This month was fantastic as usual. Koriand’r’s sister was retrieved from the Blight’s ship with Roy and the plan to retake Tamaran begins. While this is going on, we find out that there are humans on Tamaran because of something called the Thirteen. Hmmm… now I have to search out something on the internet! 5/5

Revival – The second issue of Revival was still good. There was a lot going on. We see Dana deal with what happened to her sister and what’s going on around them; we see how Revivers change after coming back; we see a slew of new people in other places throughout the town as well who I’m sure we’ll see again soon. I’m hoping for more main storyline advancement next month. 3/5

Saga – Alana and Marko make it to the Rocketship Forest in this issue! There is a sacrifice and they are able to begin their journey to meet the smartest man in the universe… at least until Marko’s parents appear. Meanwhile on Cleave, Prince Robot IV announces the death of The Stalk and many people are not happy. One of the week’s best panels was in this scene. The art and flow of this issue is really awesome and proves again how great this series is. 5/5


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