The Nice and Accurate Thoughts of Ben Eubank (re: comics)

Hello! It is a short but awesome week again… Fairest wraps up its first arc; Ozymandias begins his path to being a hero; Galactus becomes something unexpected in Fantastic Four; and Superboy comes up with a name!

Fairest – The fairy godmothers have arrived and Lumi is ready to finish the battle! But… Briar Rose has something to say about that. I was really, really pleased with this issue. It was a great ending to the story and I am really looking forward to the next arc! 5/5

Before Watchmen: Ozymandias – This month’s issue shows us Adrian becoming Ozymandias. Set on finding the person responsible for Miranda’s overdose, he ventures out into the city’s criminal underground. When he finds the person responsible, Adrian not only takes him down… he takes down the whole organization. But, as a king of kings, he feels that he must do even more so he sets out to take down more criminal activity. I liked this issue… especially the art in some of the fight scenes. I’m anxious to see what happens as the Watchmen start to really come together in the next issue. 4/5

Fantastic Four – Issue 609 was pretty cool. It makes me really wish that I knew more of the Marvel universe history. The issue tells the story of the Defenders of the Future deciding to go back to their future and rebuild what they can. I loved seeing the way they intend to do this… and what it requires to power their time ship. I was hooked immediately but like I said, I wish I knew more of the history involved. 3/5

Superboy – This month’s issue introduces us to the social sphere Superboy is living in. Apparently, he is hanging out with some pretty rich, famous people. One of these people owes someone named Kiva something and when Kiva tries to take what she’s owed, Superboy gets in the way. I liked seeing the magical aspect of the DC universe come more into play here and am looking forward to more! 4/5


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