The Nice and Accurate Thoughts of Ben Eubank (re: comics)

Hello! It’s a bit late but here’s what I thought of last week’s comics!

Justice League Dark – Magic! Betrayal! Timothy Hunter! Jeff Lemire has taken over this book so well and I could not be happier. This is consistently one of my favorite books because of the story and art and if you’re not reading it, I have to ask: what are you doing?? This issue has a lot of magical fighting and revelation… some of which left my jaw hanging open. I love the full-on magical story and that we’re seeing things from other places in the DC universe like Neil Gaiman’s Books of Magic. If there is one book I suggest picking up right now, this is the one! 5/5

Eternity – I almost missed this one-shot but then I saw Jeff Lemire’s name on the cover and I was like, “This is mine!” We meet the main character, Christopher, who died… and came back. He came back with the ability to pull recently deceased souls back to Earth to help solve their murder. There was a lot to this one-shot that I really would love to see expanded. This issue was fantastic and I really hope to see it again as an ongoing series or trade. 5/5

Aquaman – The eleventh issue of Aquaman showed us some more with the Others and Atlantis. Black Manta captures Doctor Shin and we find out what he’s after. It was neat seeing how the Others interact and that they want to be together as a team like how Aquaman is now with the Justice League. Once again, I can’t wait for the next issue! 5/5

FF – This issue brings Black Bolt and the Inhumans back to Earth! Things begin to fall into place for whatever is getting ready to happen that Older Franklin told Black Bolt about. I’m looking forward to seeing what’s going to happen since Franklin apparently won’t be surviving. This issue had a really good scene between the Vals that was hilarious. 3/5

Green Lantern – A lot went on in this issue… Hal is freed from Sinestro’s control, Sinestro is released from the Indigo Tribe, the Guardians advance their plans, and Black Hand is back! Sinestro and Hal open the Book of the Black and interesting things are shown… including the new Green Lantern who is on the cover of the upcoming #0 issue! 4/5

Green Lantern: New Guardians – This month’s issue brings the various Lanterns into direct conflict with Larfleeze and it’s revealed who stole the rings and brought the group together. Invictus also begins his “restoration” of the worlds he deems corrupted. The way he did this was merciless and kind of scary to see. I’m looking forward to seeing what happens next with all of this, and how it interacts with the other Lantern storylines going on. 4/5

Hit-Girl – The second issue continues the various combat and social training Hit-Girl and Kick-Ass are undergoing. It sure looks like Kick-Ass will eventually master what Hit-Girl is trying to teach him… but what is going to happen at school when Mindy tries to become the “alpha female?” I want to see her take over and become even more awesome than she is normally! Bring out issue three already! 4/5

I, Vampire – Van Helsing zombies plus Andrew’s vampires plus Andrew’s vampires turned into vampire zombies equals pure awesomeness! And it’s not even all fighting… there is actual storyline advancement! It’s really neat to see all of this stuff happening and Andrew realizing the mistakes he’s recently made. I can’t wait to see how next month’s issue goes. 5/5

Manhattan Projects – Well… Oppenheimer is quite a character. The fifth issue continues the story with the aliens and results in Earth’s first step onto another world. If you’ve been reading this series, you can guess that this first step will be one resulting in bad things. I enjoyed this issue and am looking forward to a more contiguous storyline. 3.5


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