The Nice and Accurate Thoughts of Ben Eubank (re: Comics)

Hello! This past week was small for me but it had some great quality issues and hardcovers!

Chew: Secret Agent Poyo – Secret Agent Poyo is a incredible. And awesome. And bad-ass. You need to pick this one-shot up immediately. 5/5

Batman and Robin – I picked up issue eleven only because I heard that Jason Todd would be in it fighting Damian Wayne. I enjoyed the fight scene between them and I think this is a series I might start picking up. If you’re a Red Hood fan, give this issue a try if you haven’t already! 3/5

Fantastic Four – This week’s issue is the Annual and tells the story of a magical family that has hidden themselves away from the world. A member of the family summons “elementals” who actually turn out to be Ben Grimm and Johnny Storm, to help him in his travels through time. They are whisked away on an adventure that is a mystery wrapped in an enigma. Doctor Strange appears and tries to solve things but his powers aren’t enough to do the trick. 3/5

Locke & Key – The hardcover edition of the fifth volume, Clockworks, has finally arrived and is great. This is the penultimate volume… Omega is the sixth and final volume that should be starting in a few months. This series is fantastic and I highly recommend picking it up soon! 5/5

Neil Gaiman’s Midnight Days – I haven’t had a chance to read this yet but I am positive it will be gold. This hardback is a collection of comics written by Neil Gaiman featuring Swamp Thing, John Constantine, and Dream of the Endless. I will definitely be reading this as soon as I can… and recommend you do the same! 5/5

Superboy – Issue eleven shows us the friendship forming between Superboy and Bunker from the Teen Titans. Bunker tries to teach Superboy more about the world but gets interrupted by a fight with a metal being called Detritus who is very similar to Superboy, and definitely evil. 3/5

Revival – The first issue of this new series arrived this week. Something has happened that is not letting people die in a small rural town. The government has quarantined the town and is trying to figure out what’s happening; while religious groups believe it’s the beginning of the Rapture. I think this is a solid start to the series and I’m looking forward to the next issue. 4/5


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