The Nice and Accurate Thoughts of Ben Eubank (re: comics)

Hello! This week had new issues of a lot of my favorite comics like Danger Club and Morning Glories. It also brought some number one issues of new series. Let’s see what I read…

Danger Club – Issue three reveals to us what really happened to the superheroes of Earth… as well as the super villains. We find out that Apollo from the first issue is actually the Olympian god and not just a superhero with a complex. A semblance of the sidekicks’ plan starts to show itself as well and if what I suspect is happening is right, we’re in for a treat. This issue was just amazing. This whole series is incredible so far and I know we won’t be let down. 5/5

Before Watchmen: Ozymandias – The first issue of the Ozymandias story recounts Adrian’s rise to power. Adrian’s parents came to America as soon as they learned there was a child coming. They wanted to ensure that Adrian would someday be able to the President of the United States… a thought that Adrian would come to consider too small. This issue takes us through his childhood and shows us the journey he made to find his true goal in life and how he could make it happen. It is an excellent opening issue and has become my favorite Before Watchmen series so far. I definitely recommend that you pick it up! 5/5

Dial H – This month’s issue of Dial H further explains the origins and capabilities of the phone dial. The mystery of Ex Nihilo and where he comes from and what he wants deepens; and we learn more about Nelson’s new ally, Manteau. 3/5

Earth Two – Picking up right where we left off with Alan Scott’s train exploding, we meet the power of the Earth. This is the power that in the primary DC universe has been controlled by the Guardians and turned into the power used for the Green Lantern Corps. The power of the Green Lantern is given to Alan for his use in the battle against the coming evil. I really enjoyed seeing the true power of the Earth in a form untouched by the Guardians and can’t wait to see how things go in the next issue. 4/5

Fairest – Pitting two very powerful and very angry women against each other is never a good idea… unless you want to see an epic battle. This issue shows us the fight between Lumi and Hadeon and has some of the best panels of any comic this week. Not to be forgotten, Ali Baba and Briar Rose come to some realizations about love… but not necessarily what you might think. Next issue brings the other fairy godmothers into the battle! I can’t wait! 5/5

Morning Glories – The first issue of the new arc shows us Lara and Georgina growing up and trying to prove their love to their father, the Headmaster. There is too much that happens in this issue that changes the way we see Lara that I can’t say anything more than… Betrayal… 5/5

Red Lanterns – The eleventh issue of Red Lanterns had a lot going on. Bleez has taken the Lanterns to accuse the Star Sapphires of trying to kill them; Atrocitus continues the search for Abysmus and finally finds what he’s looking for; Jack Moore finds himself lost and alone; and we see the Green Lanterns start to enter the fray. Overall the issue didn’t seem to do much but continue the setup that’s been going on for a while. Hopefully it pays off next issue. 3/5


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