The Nice and Accurate Thoughts of Ben Eubank (re: comics)

Hello! This week had a bunch of good titles. Another issue of a constant favorite of ours, Saga, arrived. We also got the final issue of Memorial, and the second issuance of Chew #27.

Red Hood and the Outlaws – Issue ten begins a new arc with Koriand’r being the focus. Her homeworld of Tamaran is under attack and she is summoned back to help. Kori, Roy and Jason (along with an unexpected date) are transported to the ship Starfire in orbit of Tamaran. This book is consistently one of my favorite. It has fantastic art and the story is always good. If you haven’t checked out Red Hood and the Outlaws, now is the perfect issue to try out. 5/5

Chew – This is the Second Helping version of issue 27. Issue 27 originally came out months ago out of order. Chew occasionally does things like this but this is the first whole issue that had been published differently. This is an awesome series that you really should be reading if you’re not already! 5/5

Dominique Laveau Voodoo Child – The fourth issue puts Dominique through a series of trials by the Loa. We meet various Loa who are embodiments of things like Destiny, Dreams, and Death. At the end of this issue, Dominique is told that she will one day determine the fate of everything. I can’t wait to see what happens in the next issue! 4/5

Memorial – The final issue of this series was pretty good. The full story of the three eternal sisters is told and Em makes a stand. I hope that this series comes back. The way it ends leaves it wide open for a continuation. This is something you should definitely think about picking up. 5/5

Journey into Mystery – Daimon Hellstrom returns in this issue and Loki gives him a mission to find out how the new British gods are connected to Earth; like how the old gods are. Loki hopes that this will give them an advantage in the war that is going on in Otherworld. While Daimon is doing this, Loki and Leah visit the other side of the war and find out why it’s happening. 3/5

Saga – The fourth issue reveals to us who Gwendolyn is and why Marko mentioned her suddenly at the end of the third issue. Marko is able to heal and things start to look good… until Alana’s people’s warship shows up. There is also a large portion of this issue devoted to The Will that shows us he can be a monster… but for good reason. As always, Saga impresses and leaves us eager for the next issue. 5/5

Supergirl – Issue ten shows us what being absorbed by the Black Banshee is like. Kara is confronted by her memories turned into nightmares. In one of them, she finds Siobhan’s brother, Tom Smythe. Kara is able to escape the Black Banshee and Siobhan is able to defeat him. Next month should be interesting as we should see the return of Kara’s first enemy. 3/5

Wonder Woman – This issue concludes the story of Diana and Hades’ wedding. It didn’t go at all how I expected and I was a little bit disappointed if I’m to be completely honest. I am looking forward to the next issue still though since this book has been good since the beginning… even with the art changes that I don’t particularly care for. 3/5


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