The Nice and Accurate Thoughts of Ben Eubank (re: comics)

Hello! So sorry this is late! There were a lot of great issues last week… and lots of number two issues. Here’s what I read…

Fairest – This week’s issue of Fairest showed us how Ali Baba became the famous thief. We also learned that the Snow Queen isn’t really as evil as she thinks she is. Because of the sleep imposed by Briar Rose’s curse, the potions given to the Snow Queen by Geppetto have had time to work themselves out of her system. Now, she must decide how she wants to move forward… with evil or good. 5/5

Before Watchmen: Minutemen – The first wave of Before Watchmen books is here! And it looks good! This first issue introduces us to the Minutemen. I liked it a lot and am looking forward to the next issues. 4/5

Dial H – The second issue starts off with Nelson experimenting and learning what the phone booth does. We meet a few new enemies, and a possible friend. The issue started off slowly but definitely picked up at the end. 3/5

Earth Two – The second issue of Earth Two was every bit as good as the first. This issue focuses on Mercury and how Jay Garrick becomes the Flash. Mercury tells us that there is something coming to Earth that is worse than Steppenwolf and the parademons. We also see the beginning of the storylines with Alan Scott and Mr. Terrific. Overall, it was an excellent issue. 5/5

Epic Kill – The second issue picks up right where the first left off. Song is being pursued by American military… and even the President himself gets involved. We see more of Song’s backstory and see that maybe it isn’t the President who is really after Song. The story and art are decent but this book isn’t quite doing much for me. 2/5

Journey into Mystery – Issue 639 starts a new arc that involves the British pantheon. There is a new god in their domain that threatens the existing gods… and the concept of divinity itself. The British pantheon sends a messenger the other pantheons begging for help. Apparently there is an agreement between the various pantheons that what happens in one does not affect the others. The Queens of Asgardia refuse to directly help, so they sent Loki to see what can be done. This issue was an excellent start to the new arc. 5/5

Morning Glories – The nineteenth issue of Morning Glories wraps up the current arc. But, in usual Morning Glories fashion, only raises many, many more questions. This issue showed us how Hunter came to be at the Academy and what he had to deal with before he got there. While we are seeing this, we also see Zoe chasing him through the forest… with glowing, murderous eyes. At the end, we are introduced to some new and familiar faces. I can’t wait for the next issue! 5/5

Red Lanterns – Issue ten continues the search for a solution to the Red Lantern’s poisoned central battery. This takes Atrocitus to the Stormwatch headquarters that is hidden in hyperspace. The following battle is pretty interesting since the Martian Manhunter is involved and he is someone we should see much more often than we do. While Atrocitus is fighting Stormwatch, Rankorr finally makes the Red Lanterns see that they should not mess with him. I’m interested to see what happens between him and Bleez. The only thing I didn’t care for too much this issue was the art… but the story made up for that. 5/5


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