The Nice and Accurate Thoughts of Ben Eubank (re: comics)

Hello! There were a few great issues this week: the first issue of the long-awaited Star Trek / Doctor Who crossover arrived; along with the first issue of Grim Leaper; and also the final issue of the Journey into Mystery / New Mutants crossover. Here’s what I thought of things this week…

Star Trek: The Next Generation / Doctor Who : Assimilation2 – Finally! The crossover event we thought we’d never see has arrived! The first issue gives us the Doctor, Amy, and Rory in ancient Egypt stopping an evil alien from destroying part of the Earth; and we witness the invasion of a planet by the Borg… and Cybermen! What has happened to bring these two monstrous races together? I can’t wait to find out! 5/5

America’s Got Powers – This month’s issue of America’s Got Powers continued to set the scene for the series. After Tommy’s display of power in the first issue, he’s being put into the games and moved to another place. This issue shows us that he has a love interest and it also shows us that the government is willing to do whatever it has to in order to control the powered kids. There’s also a major revelation toward the end that has to do with fallen powered kids. 3/5

FF – This month’s issue of FF was really good. Johnny Storm takes the children on a field trip to the Negative Zone; which at first begins as a lesson in battle but then turns into a lesson on government. Meanwhile, the Franklins are busy repairing Hala’s sun. The Inhumans and the Supreme Intelligence are also back… and fighting… that is, until older-Franklin steps in and tells Black Bolt that he must return to Earth. He says that the universe is on a new path and that Earth will be the focal point for some major events coming up. I’m really excited to see what’s coming! 5/5

Grim Reaper – The first issue of this series was pretty interesting. We see a pretty neat take on death and love. The main character keeps getting killed, eaten by a painting in some sort of limbo, and reincarnated into someone else’s body. Pretty quickly, he meets a girl who is having the same experiences. Overall, I enjoyed this first issue and will keep reading the series. I thought it was fairly quick and to-the-point and that was the only issue I had. Hopefully this speed means that the series has a lot of other story to get through. We’ll see! 2/5

New Mutants – This issue wrapped up the “Exiled” story very well. There’s… almost a wedding… almost. Reality is put back together and the Disir become Hela’s Valkyries. The god Bor is dealt with quite well and Sigurd runs off scared. The issue had a lot of really fun, cool moments. This crossover is probably my favorite Marvel crossover since I started reading comics. 5/5

Peter Panzerfaust – The fourth issue of Peter Panzerfaust focused on the boys’ experiences at a farmhouse they stumbled across. A decision was made to stay there but things suddenly turn to the worst when the German and French armies end up fighting on their doorstep. The pacing of this story is still going strong and I’m looking forward to the next issue. 3/5

Star Trek – A new story begins in issue nine with the Enterprise investigating the disappearance of a starship over 100 years ago on a planet called Beta III. The history of the starship had apparently been erased from the official history of Starfleet. Once the crew arrive at the planet, they find a medieval society that seems to be controlled by something that has to do with Starfleet. We also see in the beginning of the issue that Sulu had been offered a special assignment that we don’t know of yet. There’s a lot of mystery to this issue and I’m looking forward to seeing things resolved next month. 4/5


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