The Nice and Accurate Thoughts of Ben Eubank (re: comics)

Hello! What an excellent week we have here! We get the second issue of Danger Club, the final issue to Locke & Key: Clockworks, the third issues of both Manhattan Projects and Saga, and some “Night of the Owls” arc issues from the Batman universe.

Danger Club – The second issue of Danger Club has arrived and it continues the great story-telling and art of the first issue. It starts off quite literally with a bang and causes a pretty big “What the crap?!?!” moment in your head. We’re introduced to some new characters working with Kid Vigilante and we also travel to Micro-Tokyo with Yoshimi. There is some really fantastic robot battle art in this issue which is awesome. There are a few really odd things going on with society in general that we see in this issue that seem to have sprung up as problems after the superheroes left Earth. I’m really interested to see where this goes; there is so much promise of an excellent story unfolding in this book’s future that I just cannot wait! 5/5

Catwoman – Catwoman meets a reanimated Talon in this issue of the “Night of the Owls” event. She and Spark are ready to steal the dagger from Penguin when things are interrupted by the disgraced Talon, Ephraim Newhouse. A battle ensues and the way it ends is unexpected. Selina shows some slightly unusual compassion and empathy. It was nice seeing that side of her come out. 3/5

Fantastic Four – Issue 605.1 is a glimpse into the multiverse where we find a Nazi-occupied America. We also find the Fantastic Four… or rather, a very different group of people brought together by Reed Richards in his quest for power. This is the story of the Reed Richards who created the Council that brought together many other universes’ Reed Richards. It is an incredible issue and I’m hoping we see more of the Council later. 4/5

Justice League – Issue nine reintroduces us to David Graves… the man who wrote a book about the Justice League several issues ago. He’s apparently dying because of something related to the League and is out to save himself however he can… even if it means becoming a villain. Graves orchestrates some prison escapes and the abduction of Steve Trevor. In one of the prison breakouts, he steals knowledge about the League from a villain called The Key; and he’s trying to find out how to get onto the League’s satellite from Steve Trevor. It also looks like we’re going to see some other interesting characters in the coming issues. 4/5

Legion of Super-Heroes – This issue shows us what the Dominators have been working on… genetically enhanced soldiers who have powers that can work effectively against the Legion. The Dominion sends two of these soldiers to Earth to kidnap Brainiac 5 and end up getting both him and Dream Girl. After the kidnapping, the Legion scrambles to find out what’s going on and get their members back. 2/5

Locke & Key – Issue six of “Clockworks” brings this arc to a close. We find out the rest of the story of what happened all those years ago with Rendell and Dodge and the others. The aftermath of the Keepers of the Keys’ trip to the Black Door is incredibly brutal. We’ve known what happened for a while now; but after getting attached to these characters, Joe Hill really does a great job of hitting the reader with a whole new flood of emotions. The next, and final, arc is due out in the fall, along with a one-shot called Grindhouse in August. If you haven’t picked up Locke & Key yet, now is the perfect time to start! 5/5

Manhattan Projects – The third issue of Manhattan Projects continues the craziness of the series. It starts off with Doctors Einstein and Feynman discussing the construction of the atom bomb and then shows us a flashback to General Groves’ past where he interprets a Bible passage about God’s fear in a way that is disturbing given what happens at the end of the issue. This issue also shows President Roosevelt’s death… and rebirth of sorts. This was a fantastic story and very thought-provoking but when will we discover what Einstein’s monolith is??? 5/5

Red Hood and the Outlaws – This month gets the team involved in the “Night of the Owls” event. Jason decides to answer Alfred’s call to help defend Mr. Freeze from the Talon sent to eliminate him. The Talon seems to really be a good match for Red Hood and once again, I’m impressed by how Jason will do what needs done. I also liked how this issue shows that Jason, Koriand’r and Roy really are a team… they don’t all have to stick around in Gotham, but they do anyway to help Jason. Overall, this was a very good issue in my opinion. 4/5

Saga – Brian K. Vaughan’s Saga doesn’t seem like it’s going to slow down any time soon. This month’s issue picks up with the Horrors explaining who and what they are; and an interesting offer is made by one of them to help save Marko. Meanwhile in a prison, Prince Robot tries to find out what caused Alana to run off with Marko.  And not to be forgotten, The Stalk and The Will, assassins who are supposed to be taking care of Alana and Marko, make an appearance and it’s pretty funny. The end of this issue is amazingly awesome… it goes from touching to shocking quickly and is not disappointing in the slightest. 5/5

Supergirl – The battle against the Black Banshee continues in this issue. We see some interesting ways that magic affects Kara’s powers; and we see a flashback to when Siobhan was little and her brother sacrificed himself to save her. The ending of this issue was pretty cool and I can’t wait to see what Kara’s plan is next month! 3/5

Wonder Woman – The wedding between Hades and Diana is on! We get to see Persephone and Aphrodite for the first time in this issue; and Persephone is not how I imaged she would be. It’s clear that her time with Hades has not been pleasant and she has suffered quite a bit. Even though Cliff Chang didn’t draw this issue, the art is still really good… and Wonder Woman’s wedding dress is incredible! 4/5


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