The Nice and Accurate Thoughts of Ben Eubank (re: comics)

Hello once again! This week wrapped up the crossover between Justice League Dark and I, Vampire; and the second issue of Super Crooks arrived. Here’s what I read…

I, Vampire – This issue wraps up the “Rise of the Vampires” arc very well. I was glad this crossover with Justice League Dark didn’t get too drawn out. The resolution to the story is very good and the implications are staggering. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing where things are going and how this shift of power will evolve. This is absolutely my pick of the week. 5/5

Aquaman – Issue eight gives us much more insight into Arthur’s past and shows us how different his attitude was a few years ago. It was neat learning about the Others some more as well. I’m looking forward to seeing more interaction between the Others and Aquaman in the present. 4/5

The Avengers versus The X-Men – This is issue one of six showing the actual fights between the Avengers and X-Men. We see Iron Man versus Magneto and Namor versus the Thing. The issue is really cool as we get to see the fights blow-by-blow and learn some Fun Facts. I like that there is some story advancement as well and that it’s not all just fighting. 4/5

FF – In this month’s issue, Johnny Storm moves in with Peter Parker and the hilarity ensues. It was great seeing the interaction between these character when they’re not fighting evil beings trying to take over the universe. 3/5

The Flash – The eighth issue places Barry Allen inside the Speed Force where he encounters a man who is also stuck there. This man, Turbine, has apparently been there since 1944. He gives Barry some insight as to how the Speed Force works and what really creates the vortexes. And at the end, we finally get an introduction to Grodd… 3/5

Green Lantern: New Guardians – The New Guardians have made it out of the Orrery and are on the way to confront Larfleeze for Invictus. But, after being out of range of their corps for so long, they all get pulled in other directions. This issue focuses on the Yellow Lantern Arkillo and his search to find out what happened to his corps. It has a pretty interesting twist at the end that I want to see where it goes. 4/5

Justice League Dark – There’s a lot going on this month in the third part of the “Rise of the Vampires” arc. John Constantine and Boston Brand go to the afterlife to try to bring Andrew Bennett back; Madame Xanadu goes to the Astral Zone to spark a power change; Shade the Changing Man gets pulled into some sort of “Madness Zone”; and the others deal directly with Cain and his army. This issue was excellent and the conclusion in I, Vampire was fantastic. I’m really looking forward to where the series go after this. 5/5

Super Crooks – The second issue of Super Crooks was slower than I would have liked. We are introduced to the criminals who will make up the team. It feels like this series is going to be slow-moving for a little while… I think there’s going to be a good bit of character development which I like so I’ll be back for more next month. 2/5

Teen Titans – The lead-up to the Culling continues in this issue… there is a lot going on with the characters. They are trapped and being subjected to a woman who can manipulate their fears. It seems like everything is now in place for whatever the Culling is. On to next month already! 4/5


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