The Nice and Accurate Thoughts of Ben Eubank (re: comics)

Hello! This week has some great issues… there are the first issues of Danger Club, and Avengers vs X-Men; and the second issues of Fairest and Hell Yeah!

Danger Club – This is the first issue of a new series from Image. It asks the question, “what would happen if all the Earth’s superheroes left… and didn’t come back?” So in this series, all the superheroes went into space to fight an incredible evil and didn’t come back. They left their sidekicks on Earth, but things aren’t going well. The teenaged sidekicks are battling each other for supremacy and not being united against the evil that is still coming toward the Earth. Danger Club was my favorite this week and I was not expecting to be blown away this much… it was incredible and you NEED to read it! It opens and grabs you right away. The art is great as well. I’m really excited to see a story not involving or referencing existing superheroes… it’s going to be a nice change. 5/5

Avengers vs. X-Men – The story started off slowly with the zero issue but definitely got better with issue one. The Phoenix is on the way to Earth and everyone has an agenda. The X-Men hope it will bring the growth of the mutant race; and the Avengers just see it as a threat that needs to be eliminated. The battle between the sides has begun and should be interesting to see how it turns out next issue. 3/5

Chew – This is the final issue of the “Major League Chew” arc and it was pretty good. Amelia finally tracks Tony down and let’s just say that some people get what they deserve. This was a fun arc and I am really looking forward to the next arc! 3/5

Fairest – Ali Baba has awoken Sleeping Beauty… along with the Snow Queen… and now they’re on the run. The Snow Queen sends her subjects after them and they are captured. On the way back to the Snow Queen, a story about Sleeping Beauty’s past begins to be told. I’m just now finishing catching up on Fables so I’m excited to have two series going at the same time with the Fables. I love these books and highly recommend them. 4/5

Hell Yeah – The second issue of Hell Yeah keeps up the amazing story and art of the first issue. Ben’s university has been blown up and three mysterious women have appeared from another universe. We find out a little of what’s going on and what’s happening to the alternate Bens. The last page is also a huge revelation. I’m really excited for this book to continue. 5/5

Red Lanterns – Issue eight gives us some more explanation about Abysmus and we see that he clearly has bigger plans than killing Atrocitus. This issue shows us the beginning of what could be the end of the Red Lanterns. Again, I have to say that I consistently like this book… it’s easily my favorite Lantern series. 4/5


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