The Nice and Accurate Thoughts of Ben Eubank (re: comics)

What a great week! Avengers vs X-Men issue zero arrived; alongside issue one of The New Deadwardians and the conclusion of Legion: Secret Origin. Here’s what I read and thought…

Morning Glories – Oh Nick Spencer, how happy I am every time I see something new from you… you absolutely never disappoint. The seventeenth issue of Morning Glories focuses on Jade and Ike. We find out more of Jade’s past and we see some walls come down between her and Ike. At the end, we see what’s happening to Abraham at the Academy and someone from many issues ago makes a reappearance! It’s a fantastic issue with everything going on… and then of course also with the lines like, “You never change; but then, I suppose that’s the point.” I seriously am so excited for the next issue… the conclusion of the P.E. arc! 5/5

Alpha Girl – The second issue continues with the blood, guts and rampant zombies. Judith gets captured by FEMA and put in a building for some reason that we don’t know yet. She’s able to escape and make her way to a home where she finds a kid named Frank. Hopefully the story really starts to take off next issue. 2/5

Aquaman – The seventh issue begins the new story with the Others. It starts with a murder and leads to a confrontation between Arthur and Mera and one of the Others. I’m intrigued about who the Others are and what their relationship is to Atlantis. Next month’s issue should give us that information. I liked the art of this issue… particularly the fight battle toward the end the last panel showing the Others. 3/5

Avengers vs. X-Men – This is issue zero of the AvX story that begins this month. This issue did a decent job of introducing us to some of the characters and letting us see what they are dealing with before the main story begins. The art wasn’t incredible but it’s consistent with some of the other Marvel titles I read… it’s not at the same level as many DC books unfortunately. Hopefully issue one coming next week will make a better impression on me! 2/5

FF – This issue was a nice epilogue for the battle with the Mad Celestials. I’m really curious about what’s going on with young Valeria and how things will develop with the future versions of Franklin and Valeria. There was a nice dynamic happening between future Franklin and Galactus that I hope evolves more in the issues and isn’t something that disappears and comes back later all of a sudden. 4/5

Flash – Issue seven finishes up the battle with Captain Cold… but at a cost. The Flash creates a wormhole and I am hoping the story takes us in some cool, time-twisting paths in the next few issues. 3/5

Green Lantern: New Guardians – This issue shows us Invictus’s story; which I thought was pretty cool. I like to delve into history and understand how everything is connected… and this issue made me really think and I loved it. The race that Invictus is from seems very powerful and I really want to know how his race interacted with the Guardians (if they did at all.) I’m really looking forward to seeing where this goes. 4/5

I, Vampire – The second part of the “Rise of the Vampires” crossover with Justice League Dark continues in issue seven. Cain is rising and stealing magic from the world and no one is happy. Meanwhile, Andrew Bennett is pulling a “Dumbledore”… existing in a place that may or may not exist while getting to learn how Cain had been kept in check until Andrew’s “death.” I am in love with this comic… if you are not reading it, shame on you! Keep an eye out for a quick appearance of several members of Gotham’s superheroes. 5/5

Justice League Dark – This is the first part of the “Rise of the Vampires” crossover with I, Vampire. This should be read before issue seven of I, Vampire. We see the team transport to Gotham and work with Batgirl to try to stop some of the vampires… only to find their magic being drained by Cain. Xanadu, once again, decides to take matters into her hands and astral project to the Astral Zone of the Crystal One. I really want to see what happens and what Xanadu’s plan is. 5/5

Legion: Secret Origin – This final issue wraps up the beginnings of the Legion of Super-Heroes. We discover who the force is trying to manipulate things but the story is left wide open. This is a series I wouldn’t mind seeing come back. 3/5

The New Deadwardians – The first issue of this series started off a little slowly. Something has turned some people into zombies… but there’s a “cure” for people who become infected. But, this “cure” apparently makes people somehow immortal. The main character is a detective who starts working a case where someone has died… someone who should not have been able to die. I’m looking forward to the next issue so I can figure out more of what’s going on. 3/5

Red Hood and the Outlaws – In this month’s issue, Essence returns and talks to Jason. Things do not go well when Jason decides that she has done something terrible. Essence tries to explain what really happened and how the Untitled came into being. We’ll have to see how the next few issues turn out to see if what she says is true. 3/5

Star Trek – This issue of Star Trek was absolutely fantastic. It is the start of a story directly dealing with the aftermath of Vulcan’s destruction. Someone has attacked a Vulcan science ship and stolen some salvaged red matter for reasons we don’t know yet. I’m really, really excited to see what’s happening… especially after seeing who is behind it. 5/5

Teen Titans – Issue seven shows the Titans breaking into N.O.W.H.E.R.E. to rescue their former foe, Superboy. While doing that, some revelations are starting to be made about Kid Flash and Red Robin. At the end, we meet Harvest and find out that the Titans have fallen into a trap! It would seem that several different books are finally coming to the climax of the Colony story arc. The next few issues should be exciting! 4/5


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