The Nice and Accurate Thoughts of Ben Eubank (re: comics)

This week I read three number ones — Fairest, Hell Yeah and Manhattan Projects. I enjoyed each one and recommend that you pick them up immediately!

Hell Yeah – Hell Yeah debuts with a bang… this issue was pretty awesome. About twenty years ago, superheroes announced themselves in the world all at once. Their goal was to create a better world, and it seems they have. Now, the world’s children have to deal with this. The story focuses around Benjamin Day who attends an elite college for super-powered people; and whose father was apparently the first person saved by the superheroes right before they went public. Benjamin is a typical rebellious teen… but with quite a few mysteries. Just wait til you read this and get to the end… it made me go, “What? That is awesome!” Definitely pick up this book as soon as you can! 5/5

Fairest – I haven’t finished the Fables trade paperbacks yet but I think if you have a basic understanding of what happens in that story, you can easily pick up Fairest and be able to enjoy the story. The story opens up in one of the Fable worlds that has been ravaged by the war. We meet a few new characters and I’m looking forward to the next issue for sure. I like the art of Fables and I’m sure I’ll like this as well. I absolutely loved that this is being printed on matte paper… I think that adds something to the feel of the story. 5/5

Fatale – This month gave us the third issue of this series. I enjoyed it but was a little confused… but I think that was intended to help convey the confusion of Nicholas, who is trying to figure out what really went on in the 50s. I’m excited to see how this first arc continues next month as all the pieces fall into place. 3/5

Justice League International – Well, the JLI will never be the same after the bombing that happened last issue. There’s a new adversary called Lightweaver trying to destroy the heroes now. It’ll be interesting to see what happens over the next few issues given the mood of the characters throughout this issue. 3/5

Manhattan Projects – The first issue of this new on-going series blew my mind. The story centers around the development of the first atomic bomb… but really just uses that as a front for its more… interesting… experiments. The ending twisted into something I was not expecting and it was great. The story is written by Jonathan Hickman and the art is drawn by Nick Piterra. I have high hopes for this series and if the rest of the series is as cool as this issue, I won’t be let down. The first issue has sold out but a second printing is coming next month… make sure you order a copy! 5/5

Red Lanterns – The seventh issue features a battle between Green Lantern Guy Gardner and the new Red Lantern John Moore. It was interesting because John seems much more coherent than most other Red Lanterns we’ve seen. I foresee this being important in the coming issues. I’m excited to see more human Lanterns other than the Green Lanterns we’re so used to. Also, long live Bleez! 4/5


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