The Nice and Accurate Thoughts of Ben Eubank : Specifically, the March 2012 PREVIEWS Catalog (re: comics)

The new PREVIEWS catalog arrived this week and there are quite a few number ones coming. Here’s what we think you should keep an eye on!

1. Star Trek: The Next Generation / Doctor Who : Assimilation2 – Finally! The crossover we’ve been waiting for! The Borg and the Cybermen form an alliance that threatens all of time and space. Join the crews of the Enterprise and the TARDIS as the battle begins!

2. Mind the Gap – After being brutally attacked, Elle Peterssen is left in a coma. No one knows who the attacker is or where they will strike next. Rodin Esquejo of Morning Glories is involved which makes me super excited!

3. Trio – This is a new superhero story from John Byrne with superheroes called ONE, TWO, and THREE; or, ROCK, PAPER, and SCISSORS.

4. Magic The Gathering: The Spell Thief – Planeswalker Dack Fayden has been imprisoned by a Titan and must escape to find Sifa Grent. The first issue will also include an exclusive playable Magic: The Gathering card.

5. Mind MGMT – This series follows a journalist who has stumbled upon a top-secret Mind Management program. She’ll encounter psychics, hypnotic advertising, talking dolphins, and immortals while trying to track down the program’s biggest success and worst failure.

6. Godzilla – A new on-going series begins soon featuring an ex-special forces man who has vowed to end Godzilla’s tyranny.

7. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Color Classics – The origins of TMNT begins again… this time in full-color!

8. Night of 1000 Wolves – Taking place in the Dark Ages, the Benjyon family comes under attack from hordes of wolves. Then something supernatural happens. This is a three-part story from the company that did 30 Days of Night and Locke & Key.

9. Dancer – A retired assassin and his ballerina love must avoid a sniper out to kill them in Milan. This series is from the writer of Who is Jake Ellis?

10. Epic Kill – This series is about an eighteen-year-old assassin named Song (not River Song, you Doctor Who fans). She has vowed to take down the man responsible for the death of her parents. Unfortunately, that man has just become the President and has ordered a hit on Song. It looks like this series will be awesome and I just know the whole time through, I’ll be envisioning River Song!

11. Grim Leaper – This four-part series tells the story of Lou Collins who has been thrown into a cycle of death and rebirth. It’s being written by Kurtis J. Wiebe who also wrote Green Wake and is currently writing Peter Panzerfaust.

12. Dan the Unharmable – From writer David Lapham comes the story of Dan… a completely unharmable man who doesn’t care about anything. That all changes when the mother of his four children is murdered and Dan becomes responsible for keeping the children safe while he finds the murderer.

13. The Spider – War hero and wealthy man, Richard Wentworth, transforms himself into a hero called The Spider to save New York City from crime using only his technology, mind, and pistols.

14. X-O Manowar – Aric of Dacia, the heir to the throne of the Visigoth people, must escape an alien prison and become the weapon known as X-O Manowar. This issue kicks off an all-new Valient Universe.

15. True Blood – True Blood begins a new series with a number one to coincide with the new Series Five premiering soon on HBO.

There are also some pretty cool lead figurines coming as well!

1. Poison Ivy Black Pawn

2. Commissioner Gordon White Pawn

3. Robot Man

4. Grifter

5. Aqualad

6. Mockingbird

7. Tigershark

8. Nico Minuro


One response to “The Nice and Accurate Thoughts of Ben Eubank : Specifically, the March 2012 PREVIEWS Catalog (re: comics)

  1. The TP of Grifter I bought last month was very good. I tend to avoid the word “masterpiece” because, like the word “cult”, nowadays everybody employs it too often, so it lost a lot of its significance, but I was on the verge of using it for that TP.

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