The Nice and Accurate Thoughts of Ben Eubank (re: comics)

This week was small for me but there were several important issues… the first Batman Beyond Unlimited; the final issues of The Cape and Green Wake; and the end of the first arc in Justice League.

Batman Beyond Unlimited – This is my pick of the week. It’s the first issue and it has two stories inside. The first focuses on rival gangs of Jokerz coming to Gotham City to “test” Terry McGinnis’ Batman. It seems this story will focus on the new Batman and stay in Gotham City. The second story; however, seems like it’ll focus on Batman and Justice League Beyond. I’m definitely more intrigued by this story because it involves a new Justice League with some characters I’ve never heard of: Warhawk, Kai-Ro, Barda, Aquagirl, and an older Superman. I can’t wait to see how the JBL takes shape and what this future looks like compared to what we’re seeing now in Justice League and the other new series. 5/5

The Cape – The fourth and final issue of The Cape did not disappoint. The art was solid; the story made sense; there was fighting and not too much talking or too many feelings. I liked the story and felt that it ended the only way it really could have. 5/5

FF – Issue 15 continues the story of the battle with the Mad Celestials from the children’s side. The mysterious white being is seen again talking to Franklin and we finally discover who it is… we just don’t know the how or why yet. I’m really, really looking forward to Fantastic Four and FF next month! 4/5

Green Wake – This is the tenth and final issue of Green Wake and I’m sad it’s finished. The art in this book is great… it’s creepy and disgusting and just matches the mood of the story so well. The final issue gives us a bunch of answers and a good resolution but leaves some things open to the reader’s imagination. 4/5

Justice League – Issue six finishes up the current arc with Darkseid. I enjoyed the art and the side-story of the journalist that helped set the mood. I’m looking forward to finding out more about the Daughter of Darkseid and if we’ll see the other universes soon. I also really loved the bit at the end with Pandora. I love the mythological side of comics so I’m really excited to see where that is going. 4/5

Legion: Secret Origin – This month gave us the fifth issue of Legion: Secret Origin and I enjoyed it. Some of the Legion attempts to go back in time to find Superman but their trip is cut short by an unknown power. The same power is also in the 31st century interacting with things. I believe that next month wraps up the story and I’m looking forward to finding out what this power is. 3/5

Star Trek – Issue six wraps up the “Operation: Annihilate!” story. I liked seeing Kirk’s interaction with his older brother; and I loved that the relationship between Uhura and Spock is being shown and explored. 4/5


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