The Nice and Accurate Thoughts of Ben Eubank (re: comics)

Hello! Here is what I read this week and let me tell you that you need to go pick up two issues right now… Morning Glories and Chew. Go go go!

Morning Glories – This issue is absolutely my pick of the week. I was so excited when I read this issue. It focuses on Casey and Miss Hodge and their apparent time travel. There was a lot to this issue that you just have to read to appreciate… but two words: time loop. It is just amazing. I cannot wait to see what’s going on. Read this series now! 5/5

Chew – The 24th issue is awesome as always! The story and the art are both top-notch. In this issue, we find out that there are people called xocoscalperes, people who can sculpt chocolate with such accuracy that basically whatever they make is essentially as good as the real thing. I love what the book is doing with Olive Chu’s character and I’m really looking forward to when the family is reunited with all their various talents. 5/5

Aquaman – The sixth issue focuses on Mera which I liked for a change. She’s got a lot of mystery to her and I’m looking forward to finding out more. I like her attitude towards things in the human world. I’m really wondering about what has happened that made her end up with Aquaman and how things with Atlantis factor into everything. Overall, good issue. 3/5

Fantastic Four – Issue 603 picks right up with the battle beginning between the Mad Celestials and Galactus. While this is going on, the team returns to Earth to use Sol’s Anvil to try to defeat the Mad Celestials. It’s nice to see what the Council of Reeds was actually working on when they were on Earth at the beginning. The ending of the issue was excellent with Susan’s determination and of course the final frame was amazing. I can’t wait to see next month’s issue and the next issue of FF. 4/5

The Flash – Issue six has the Flash battling Captain Cold. Apparently Captain Cold has gained new powers. We are shown why Captain Cold is going after the Flash and it’s a sad story. I like the story so far and I really like that the book took time to show us some technical things like how his ear pieces work. 3/5

Green Lantern: New Guardians – Issue six starts the battle with the new power called Invictus. He is apparently incredibly old and has encountered the Lanterns before. We get further confirmation that he and Larfleeze have interacted in the past. It really makes me wonder what Invictus is and what his interaction in the past has been with the Guardians. I’m really looking forward to seeing what is going to happen and learning more about this past history. 3/5

I, Vampire – Issue seven continues with the battle in Gotham and some things happen that completely caught me off guard. I was shocked and seriously cannot wait to see how this arc pans out. The ending shows the beginning of the crossover with Justice League Dark that I’m sure will be awesome. One thing I really love about this comic is that the art is consistent… unlike two of my other favorite books. If you are not reading this comic, you should take a look at some of your life choices and then subscribe! 5/5

Justice League Dark – This month’s issue starts out with the members of the group having nightmares that Madame Xanadu explains to them are actually visions of possible horrific futures that may happen if the group doesn’t stay together. The biggest thing about this issue is the ending… it picks up right where I, Vampire ends. Next month begins the crossover between the two comics and should be amazing. 4/5

Teen Titans – Issue six picks up after the Teen Titans battle Superboy. Something is wrong with Kid Flash so they go to see Virgil Hawkins to see what’s wrong. While the Titans are in S.T.A.R. labs, a sublingual meta human named Grymm tries to escape. Luckily, things work out well for everyone and the Titans start to prepare to go after N.O.W.H.E.R.E. This issue presents a new mystery involving Kid Flash and who he really is. I’m interested to see where that’s going. Make sure you find the Green Lantern Easter egg in this issue! It’s awesome! 3/5


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