The Nice and Accurate Thoughts of Ben Eubank (re: comics)

Last week’s comics were fantastic… issue one of Peter Panzerfaust arrived but the stand-out for me was Star Trek / Legion of Super-Heroes. Take a peek at the bottom for an image of the awesomeness of multiple captured time machines… how many do you recognize?

Star Trek / Legion of Super-Heroes – This month’s issue was awesome. It recounts how Vandar came to be Emperor and we see that many other time travelers have been to this universe… and apparently never left. We discover the power that allowed Vandar to do the things he’s done and let me tell you, I was not expecting this to appear. I can’t wait for next month when things start to really come together! 5/5

Catwoman – Issue six begins with Selina in police custody and being tortured by Reach. It doesn’t go too well for Selina… but then she gets the upper hand… or ear anyway. This scene was awesome. With the help of the good cop who we’ve run into before, Catwoman is able to escape, and with about $20,000 of the dirty money. On her way to somewhere safe, Catwoman runs into Batman and in usual Batman fashion, they have a nice heart-to-heart. I’m looking forward to seeing how this dynamic evolves in the coming issues. 3/5

Green Lantern Corps – Issue six wraps up the Ringslayer story nicely. The Green Lanterns arrive at the planet Urak to stop the enemy and retrieve their fellow Lanterns. I liked the battle art, and the use of the Yellow Lantern prisoners was interesting. I thought the issue wrapped up the story well and I’d like to see what will happen in the new arc. 3/5

Legion of Super-Heroes – Issue six takes us to Earth where we see what pollution and irresponsibility have done to some of the planet in the 31st century. Some of the Legionnaires are there to train and start the cleanup process of the Sea of Fire in China. Meanwhile, Dragonwing goes home only to find that her sister has been kidnapped by someone called the Red Dragon. There’s so much going on in Legion of Super-Heroes… I love it and wonder what storylines will be connected in the coming issues. 4/5

Peter Panzerfaust – This is the first issue of a new series from Image. The issue opens with an older man recollecting the start of the German occupation of Calais, France, and his first encounter with Peter Panzerfaust. Peter is an American trying to find a girl and he had tracked her to Calais. The art is pretty good in this issue and I like the simple premise of the story. I’ll definitely be reading this some more. 5/5

Red Hood and the Outlaws – The sixth issue of this series is a flashback to the first time Red Hood met Starfire and takes us up to the point the first issue began with. There are some good flashbacks to Jason’s past and this issue shows the start of a good friendship. Overall, not a bad issue. 3/5

Supergirl – As always, Supergirl is fantastic. Kara is able to escape the final doom of her homeworld and she returns to Earth to find Reign already there engaged in battle with American military forces. This is the start of what I think will be a pretty big battle. Hopefully we find out some more about the Worldkillers. The final panel of this issue is really neat and I can’t wait to see what happens next month. 4/5

Wonder Woman – Diana and her friends strike a deal with Poseidon and Hades to help protect Zola and the unborn child in this issue. The deal is for them to share the throne of Olympus since Zeus is gone; and for Diana to blind Hera. Diana succeeds in her mission but is crossed at the end by Hades who wishes to ensure his side of the bargain is fulfilled. It should be interesting to see where the story goes from here. 4/5


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