The Nice and Accurate Thoughts of Ben Eubank (re: comics)

This week’s comics saw the first issue of Alpha Girl and the final issue of Anne Rice’s Servant of the Bones. I was not let down by either so let’s get into it!

Alpha Girl – The issue opens with the main character, Judith, telling us about how the world ended… a perfume-induced zombie apocalypse! We find out a little about her childhood and her brother but the story shifts to telling us what’s caused the breakdown of society. The art is fun and reminds me a lot of Chew. I think this will be a great comic to follow and I highly recommend picking it up if you get a chance! 5/5

Anne Rice’s Servant of the Bones – The final issue of this series reveals the full extent of Gregory’s plans for the world. Azriel is successful in preventing these plans from happening and continues to help the world. I liked the series and would like to read the book at some point. The art throughout was great and consistent. This is something I would pick up at some point in trade paperback form. 5/5

Fatale – Issue two picks up with Josephine trying to find something she gave Booker. I like how the dynamic is evolving between Jo and Booker, and Jo and Hank. I like the magical aspect of this book and am looking forward to seeing what’s going to happen next issue… particularly after how the issue ends. 3/5

Justice League International – This issue is sort of a wrap-up to the Signal Masters story and I suspect that we’re going to see more of them soon. There’s also a meeting with the UN that Booster Gold takes control of and is awesome. I’m hoping the book doesn’t stay too wrapped up in political stuff… 3/5

Locke & Key – The entire way through this issue, I was saying, “Rendell Locke, you idiot!” I like seeing the relationships between the members of the previous generation of key-users before everything changed. This was a great issue and we’re getting close to the end! I’m anxious to see what happens in the coming months. 5/5

Memorial – I just got the second issue this week and it was pretty good. The feel of the universe in this book reminds me of The Sandman. We find out that there are three realms: the Maybe, the Is, and the Was. The rulers of these realms are three sisters who are apparently at war. I like the art of this and really enjoyed the parts with Shadows and the Shadowlands. I’m really, really looking forward to finding out more about this universe. 5/5

Red Lanterns – Issue six was awesome. The art was great and Jack Moore’s transformation into a Red Lantern was fantastic. Next month we’ll see some interaction between Guy Gardner and Jack that should prove to be great. 5/5


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