The Nice and Accurate Thoughts of Ben Eubank (re: comics)

Happy mid-month! Here are some awesome comics I read this week!

Supergirl – Supergirl is awesome. That’s all. This month she goes back to Argo City to try to discover what happened that led to her crashing on Earth. She meets someone named Reign who is apparently something important that I’ve been wondering about since the beginning. I really like how this arc is starting out and can’t wait for more answers. 5/5

Catwoman – Issue five picks up with the battle with Reach which I enjoyed… I liked to see the tables turned in this fight. There’s a fun twist with the Gotham police… I like where this arc is going. 4/5

ChewChew number 23 continues the story of Tony being kidnapped and I have to say, I did not see the purpose of his kidnapping coming. It’s kind of weird and Amelia did good dumping that guy. I really like the weirdness of this book and it never fails to surprise and make me say “eww.” 5/5

Green Lantern Corps – In the fifth issue, we meet some members of the “Mean Machine.” I’m interested to see how they will interact with the current Lanterns. I loved the Martian Manhunter in this issue… he shows them the history of the Ringslayers and shows the Guardians’ impact on that culture… and then he leaves and they forget he was there. I loved it. 4/5

Legion of Super-Heroes – This issue is basically a walkthrough of the days of the Legionnaires when they’re not battling a huge threat. It was pretty neat to see them interact more intimately. There were some scenes with Glorith and Dream Girl culminating in a scene of the beginning of the Winter Solstice that’s pointing to the new arc. I’m hoping for a more magical threat in this arc so I’m excited! 4/5

Morning Glories – So issue fifteen totally explains so much… haha just kidding! This issue focuses on Zoe and her past that continues to show she has done some bad stuff. We still aren’t sure what is going on in this Woodrun thing but we see Hunter interact with some other students at the Academy. We also don’t know what is going on yet that makes the faculty think the children are gone… maybe next issue will explain this some more. But, in traditional Morning Glories storytelling, we probably won’t find out anything that makes sense yet! I can’t wait for more! (And I’m being totally truthful. I love every single thing about this comic!) 5/5

Nightwing – In this issue, Nightwing is in New Orleans saving one of his circus friends from some demonic creature. The issue was ok but didn’t seem to do much to advance the arc. We meet Raymond but who is he and what is his history? 2/5

Red Hood and the Outlaws – Issue five continues Red Hood’s fight with the Untitled which is pretty fun. The other fight with Starfire gets wrapped up predictably but well. We also get to see some more of Red Hood’s past with Ducra. I’m interested to see what is orchestrating things behind the scenes. 4/5

Star Trek – The fifth issue starts telling the classic episode, “Operation – Annihilate.” It took longer than I’d like to admit for me to realize which episode it was especially since it’s one of my favorites. I still love seeing the new cast being drawn. It doesn’t seem like this particular story will diverge from the classic episode much so I’m not expecting any twists next issue. 3/5

Wonder Woman – Ah Wonder Woman, how I wonder why you are so awesome. Oh wait, I know why… because your story is super good and the art is always good. In this issue, we meet someone else who appears to be a demigod like Diana. They apparently plan something to thwart whatever plans Hera may be thinking up. It was pretty cool meeting Poseidon and someone who may be Hades. I laughed out loud at the gym last night when I got to the end and saw the panel with Hera just saying “What?!” with with such a look of anger/confusion/contempt. It was awesome. 5/5


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