The Nice and Accurate Thoughts of Ben Eubank (re: comics)

This was a slow week for me… only four new issues to read.

Star Trek / Legion of  Super-Heroes – Issue four picks up with one team of Starfleet officers and Legionnaires going back in time to find out what caused the timeline change; while another team stays in the current time to find out what the other temporal disturbance is. The team going back in time isn’t able to go back to the exact point they wanted to… they end up landing a few weeks after whatever changed the timelines happened. The story is paced well and we find out what is controlling things in both times that caused the timelines to change. I like this story and how it’s connecting both universes so well. The art is one of my favorites as usual and I’m excited to see what happens next issue… I think we only have two more to go and they should be excellent. 5/5

Fear Itself: The Fearless – The sixth issue in this series starts out with another one of those flashbacks that aren’t seeming to go anywhere. This one takes us to a conversation between Odin and Valkyrie that seems to indicate she will die at the end of her quest to gather the hammers. Back in the present, Sin and her minions begin the assault on Project: Pegasus to get another hammer. The Avengers are also there and the battle begins. Meanwhile, Valkyrie meets with the All-Mother Freyja and there’s an appearance of kid Loki. Overall, the issue seemed to move some plot ahead but it seems really repetitive… Sin wants the hammers, Valkyrie wants the hammers, there’s fighting, there’s stuff going on on the side, but that’s about it. The flashbacks haven’t really helped or explained a whole lot either. I’m honestly starting to get bored… here’s to hoping next issue blows my mind! 2/5

Justice League International – The fifth issue and conclusion of the Signal Men arc wraps up things nicely. The JLI takes the fight to Peraxxus and they are able to beat him for now and deactivate the Signal Men. The issue didn’t do much for setting up the next arc except for showing the world governments aren’t too impressed with the JLI yet. 3/5

Red Lanterns – Issue five continues the Blood Ocean baptism of the Red Lanterns. We see what happened that called the red rings to them and Ratchet’s story is particularly poignant. Atrocitus sends Bleez to retrieve the Lanterns from the ocean to aid in his hunt for Krona and a red ring finds its way to someone on Earth. I’m looking forward to finding out if Krona is really alive and what will happen with the Red Lantern and Green Lantern on Earth. 3/5


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