Comics Catch-Up Corner: Trade Paperback Edition

Continuing what seems like a never-ending catch-up on comics, this week I read Promethea, Elephantmen, and Runaways.

Promethea – This is a five-volume series by Alan Moore. It follows a girl named Sophie Bangs who is researching a mythical heroine named Promethea for a school paper. By doing this, Sophie actually manages to become Promethea because Promethea exists beyond the world of man; in a place called Immateria. The Immateria is where ideas and beliefs manifest. As we follow Sophie, we discover an incredibly intricate universe. Alan Moore takes ideas from Kaballah and weaves a wonderful tale together that culminates with the Apocalypse… although not the way the Apocalypse is generally thought. The artwork throughout the entire series is astounding and highly-detailed. I absolutely recommend picking this up… you won’t be disappointed.


ElephantmenElephantmen is a series about creatures that were genetically engineered to be stronger than humanity. They were created by a mad scientist and later used to fight a world war. There is so much to this comic. It does an incredible job posing political and moral questions; it takes place in the future but constantly references back to discussions we are having today with things like stem cell research and cloning. I absolutely love the artwork throughout this series. There are currently four volumes out and the series is ongoing. It is written by Richard Starkings and is drawn by a myriad of people including Moritat, Marian Churchland, and Rob Steen.

Runaways – When you’re growing up, there are a lot of times that you may think your parents are evil. In this series, that is actually the truth. This series tells the story of some children who find out that their parents are secretly a group of super-villains. The families are each unique… there are aliens, time-travelers, magicians, movie stars, scientists, and business people. Something brought the parents together and set them on a path of villainy. When the children witness something bad, they decide to rebel and run away. It’s a fun Marvel story that includes the appearance of other superheroes. The series has had numerous writers including Brian K. Vaughan and Joss Whedon. It is also currently slated for movie release in 2014.


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