The Nice and Accurate Thoughts of Ben Eubank (re: comics)

Lots of new comics out this week. Here’s what I read!

Anne Rice’s Servant of the Bones – Anne Rice does not disappoint with this series. I love the crisp, organized, detailed art. Issue five reveals who was behind the murder of Esther Belkin and shows us that her father has huge plans for the world. We don’t know what those plans are yet but Azriel is not happy and has decided that he will work against Gregory. We get to meet Rachel, Esther’s dying mother, and this leads to a new experience for Azriel. Next month is the conclusion of the series and it will be good. This is my pick for the week. 5/5

Aquaman – Arthur has to make a tough decision in this issue but it’s really the only route that can be taken. Issue four wraps up the creature story nicely and presents some questions about Atlantis that I’m really interested to find out about. 4/5

The Cape – The Cape destroys a plane… with a chainsaw. It’s pretty bad. Eric is certainly past the point of redemption now. There’s going to be a big confrontation next month and it should be very interesting to see how things turn out and if there’s more going on than meets the eye. The art to this issue was great as usual. 4/5

FF – Issue thirteen takes the Future Foundation through the Bridge to the world where the Mad Celestials are waiting. There was a flashback to a conversation between Valeria and her grandfather that is starting to make more sense as the story goes on. Franklin tries to communicate with the Mad Celestials but is told some things he doesn’t like and is trapped for a short time by the Celestials. I really like FF and in each issue, the story and art just get better and better. 5/5

The Flash – Issue four explores the origin of Mob Rule… which was pretty gruesome and inventive. It’s definitely not what I thought had happened. The issue also focuses a lot on Barry and Manuel’s friendship. I like the story but the art is really, really good. 4/5

Green Wake – Issue eight continues adding to the mystery of Green Wake. There is more violence happening and being planned by various parties. This issue seemed to go quickly. The art was awesome as ever and did an excellent job conveying the mood of the town. 3/5

The Guild: Zaboo – This one-shot focuses on Zaboo who has decided to break free of his mother and home and go find Codex. I laughed a lot while reading this. All of The Guild‘s one-shots have been pretty good so far… I guess that means I should actually watch the show online sometime soon… 4/5

I, Vampire –Issue four continues the journey toward Gotham. Andrew Bennett goes out to find food while the others rest and he comes across a man who has been a vampire for about ten years. They talk and Andrew shows the other vampire that he can control himself if he really tries. Unfortunately this plan backfires and Andrew makes a decision we’ll be seeing consequences for later on. Also, John Constantine shows up and Andrew gives him a warning about Mary. I’m really looking forward to the next issue. 5/5

Justice League Dark – This issue really shows the craziness that’s going on with Enchantress and June Moone; as well as how it’s affecting the world. The magical sides are coming together and June is apparently left to face the Enchantress alone. It seems that Xanadu has a plan but will it work out as she wants since Enchantress is so powerful now? I guess we’ll find out next issue… 4/5

Kick-Ass 2 – Hit Girl is back and more awesome than before! This issues sees Kick-Ass and Hit Girl take the fight to the bad guys. An assault begins in New York City and sets the scene for the next issue. I’m really wondering if anyone will survive the oncoming storm… 4/5

Legion: Secret Origin – The Legion continues to be built up and the wormhole threat expands in this issue. I love the art in this and the other Legion of Super-Heroes series. I’m not overly familiar with the Legion history so I’m excited to see what is going on and what the endgame is. 4/5

Memorial – This is the first issue and I like the premise a lot. Basically, a girl walks into a hospital with no idea who or where she is. The only clue is a necklace she’s wearing that has an ‘M’ on it. We’re also introduced to a place ruled by an evil queen that has to do with memories. I’m intrigued and really want to read more. I liked the art in this issue and I think it will get more fantastical in the coming months. I definitely recommend picking this up. 5/5

Star Trek – This issue wraps up the Galileo Seven story. Uhura’s actions in this issue surprised me… but from how things were in the movie, they shouldn’t have surprised me. I like this Spock and Uhura dynamic. I continue to enjoy seeing the new crew drawn. 3/5

Teen Titans – Superboy versus Wonder Girl! I’ve been really looking forward to this issue of Teen Titans and I have to say, I wasn’t let down. The story is fun and the art is pretty cool. The fight continues next month and it should be just as awesome. 5/5

Uncanny X-Men – Issue three finishes the battle between the X-Men and Sinister. It was a neat story and I’m looking forward to Sinister’s return. The Celestials also showed up but I was hoping for more action with them… that bit was actually pretty boring. 2/5


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