My Top Comics of 2011

Hello everyone! As 2011 comes to a close, I wanted to make sure you didn’t miss out on the comics and trades I thought were the best this year. Fair warning: I didn’t start reading in earnest until DC’s New 52 began. Keeping that in mind, here we go!

Top Ten Issues
10. FF – It was fun to read all at one time and I’m intrigued about where the story is going. And the Inhumans are in it!
9. Infinite Vacation – Very interesting story and the art is fun.
8. Legion of Super-Heroes/Star Trek – Legionnaires and Starfleet! What could be better???
7. Green Wake – This comic has the strangest art and I love it. A story about a a place that turns people into frogs?? I’m in!
6. Anne Rice’s Servant of the Bones – I like Anne Rice and have definitely not been disappointed by this series. I like the art a lot and each issue feels so well made… it makes me excited for the trade if they print one.
5. Lady Mechanika – I enjoy the detailed art of this series and it’s a nice change from the constant high-tech superhero comics.
4. Wonder Woman – The art and story are consistently fantastic. I’m really excited for more of this.
3. Chew – This series is hilarious and disgusting and always a joy to read.
2. Locke & Key – Ah, what awesomeness is this? INCREDIBLY awesome I tell you! I think the series is winding down so we should be getting more and more answers in the coming year.
1. Morning Glories – I love to be confused and this series is nicely filling the void created by LOST and Battlestar Galactica not being on television anymore. This is definitely the book I look forward to the most.

Top Five Trades
5. Lovestruck – This was a pretty cool story. I really liked that it was done in black and white. I hope that there’s a continuation at some point.
4. Daytripper – This book was great. It made me think a lot about life and death and all the moments in between.
3. I Kill Giants – I loved the attitude of this book’s main character and when the story reveals what is actually going on… well, it got pretty dusty where I was.
2. Promethea – The art is just amazing throughout this book. It’s a great journey from volume one to five.
1. The Sandman – This is absolutely incredible and one of my favorite things now. Neil Gaiman is an absolute genius.


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