The Nice and Accurate Thoughts of Ben Eubank (re: comics)

Here we go for this week’s new comics!

Lady Mechanika -Lady Mechanika issue 3 is finally here! It was worth the wait! The art is amazing as always and the story is fantastic. Mechanika visits the Cirque du Romani and finds out who the other mechanical girl was. I sense that the Cirque is definitely not being forthright with information and that there’s definitely more going on. We see the dynamic between Commander Winter and Lord Blackpool and it seems like it could get really interesting later. Next issue takes us to Mechanicon… which appears to be so much cooler than Comic-Con… which one would you go to?? Anyway, this is my pick for the week… go get it before it sells out! 5/5

Catwoman – Issue four continues with Selina dealing with Lola’s death. We’re introduced to a few new people: Gwen, who fences like Lola; Detective Alvarez, who appears to be pursuing cases related to Catwoman; and a new villainess named Reach. I thought the pacing in this issue was good and I liked the art. 3/5

Fantastic Four –The battle continues in issue 601 between Earth’s superheroes and the Kree. We get to see Johnny Storm control the Negative Zone forces and we see the Inhuman cityship join in the battle to protect Earth. I really like how this arc is going and am just a little sad there wasn’t more Inhuman action in this issue. I’m really excited to see how FF and Fantastic Four parallel each other… the “Coming Soon” images at the end are awesome. 5/5

Fear Itself: The Fearless –Issue five begins with a flashback to 1945 and we see that Enchantress apparently owns Valkyrie. I really hope all the flashbacks come together at some point and pay off. The rest of the issue shows Sin getting yet another hammer and we see some more of what she’s working on. We’re almost half-way through the series so things should really start coming together soon. 3/5

Green Lantern Corps – Issue four shows us a lot more of what these “Ringslayers” are and where they come from. The Martian Manhunter appears and we find out about the organization called Stormwatch. Some big questions pop up once he shares some information. I’m excited to see where this story goes and I need to pick up Stormwatch. 4/5

The Invincible Iron Man – This issue feels like it’s setting up everything nicely for the new story arc. Tony Stark is dealing with the consequences of being drunk in the suit during the events of Fear Itself; the Mandarin continues to setup things to hurt Iron Man; Pepper Potts and Bethany Cabe have a confrontation; and it’s revealed that Bethany is apparently not the mole we were concerned with. I’d like this to pick up and get going with the action. 3/5

Justice League –Continuing the action from the first issue, issue four shows us Victor’s mechanical transformation; Aquaman asserts some power over the assembled heroes and Darkseid finally arrives. I like this comic a lot so far… except for how Wonder Woman is being portrayed. After reading her series, she seems very simple-minded in Justice League. Hopefully that changes because she is so good in her comic. 3/5

Legion of Super-Heroes – The Legionnaires finally subdue Res-Vir in this issue and delve deeper into the mystery of what’s going on on Daxam. Brainiac 5 thinks of something about Glorith’s shield and time/energy displacement that I foresee being useful soon. The Dominion ships return to their space once the Legion catches up with them. It was rather anti-climactic… I bet that we’ll see them back soon and they’ll actually pose a more substantial threat to the Legion. I thought this issue was decent and I like the art but it was anti-climactic at the end. 3/5

Red Hood and the Outlaws – Jason, Roy and Kori go to Colorado in issue four. Kori quickly gets tracked down by a xenophobe that does something to her with Tamaranean technology… we’re not sure yet what happened but it can’t be good. Jason and Roy meet one of the Untitled and uncover some more mystery and get into what I’m sure won’t be a good fight. I’d like to see how this all goes next issue. 3/5

Supergirl – In this issue, Kara is trapped on a space station and being tortured by kryptonite. With some unexpected help, she is able to escape. She also finds out that she had crashed with a sunstone in her pod which may hold a message from her father. I really liked this issue. The art was good and I’m excited for next issue. I hope she reconciles with Superman soon and we find out how she got to Earth. 4/5

Wonder Woman – As always, Wonder Woman is awesome. A lot happens in this issue that will be felt for a while. We see Apollo meeting Ares and learn that apparently, Zeus is gone. It should be really interesting to see how that plays out. Diana and Strife have a tiff as do Hera and Hippolyta (although two queens at odds is far worse.) Diana comes to terms with what her mother did and she goes back to talk to her but it’s too late… Hera has exacted her revenge. I’m looking forward to what will happen when Diana and Hera meet. Great issue as always; if you’re not reading it, you need to be. 5/5


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