Comics Catch-Up Corner: Trade Paperback Edition

Here we are again with me continuing to catch up on many, many comics. This week I’ve been reading some trade paperbacks: Daytripper, I Kill Giants, and Lovestruck.

Daytripper – “Everybody knows that everybody dies,” I was reminded of this quote from River Song in Doctor Who several times while reading Daytripper. Everybody knows that everybody dies, but have you accepted that one day, you too will die? The book is about a man named Brás de Oliva Domingos, son of a famous Brazilian author, who writes obituaries and dreams of writing his own novel. Daytripper asks the question, “What are the most important days of your life?” It follows Brás through life-changing events like meeting the girl of his dreams, finding his voice as a writer, and welcoming his son into the world. It’s all about the little (or big) moments with friends, family, and loves that define us. It’s a story about death but a huge celebration of what life can be.

I really enjoyed Daytripper. It is a great story that makes you stop and reflect on your own life. The art is very, very good. I highly recommend picking this up and taking a break from the normal action-packed comics for a short while. Daytripper was written and drawn by Fábio Moon and Gabriel Bá.

I Kill GiantsI Kill Giants is probably one of the best comics I’ve read to date. It’s a story about a fifth-grader named Barbara preparing to do battle with the worst giant of all. It has a ton of symbolism and everything makes sense and pulls together before the end. The story has plenty of school drama with making friends, standing up to bullies and dealing with bad situations. It starts out with Barbara acting out in school and it’s hilarious but then things turn dark and we sense that there’s a lot more going on in her family. Luckily, Barbara meets Sophia; a new student, and Mrs. Molle; a new counselor, and she is able to come to terms with some things with their unwelcome help.

Saying once more, this is one of the best comics I’ve read. If you pick up Daytripper and enjoy that, you’ll probably enjoy I Kill Giants as well. The artwork is very well done; it mixes fantasy and reality very well. I Kill Giants was written and drawn by Joe Kelly and JM Ken Niimura.

LovestruckLovestruck is about a girl named Kalli Monroe who gets recruited by Cupid to work for his company. Yes, the Cupid of love. Yes, “his company.” It’s a funny story about love that’s been corrupted by a god who has forgotten what love is supposed to be about and how it’s really supposed to work. The story unfolds and we find out what Kalli’s part in things is. It’s a pretty neat story and I love the universe they set up. Hopefully there will be a follow-up to Lovestruck at some point.

This was a pretty good book. I liked the art… at times it reminded me of The Sandman. I definitely think it’s worth a read! Lovestruck was written and drawn by Dennis Hopeless and Kevin Mellon.


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