The Nice and Accurate Thoughts of Ben Eubank (re: comics)

This is a big week… lots of issue 4s coming from DC. Here’s what I read!

Star Trek / Legion of Super-Heroes: issue 3 – Federation meets Legion in this issue and I loved every second of it! Spock and Brainiac 5 were my favorites. Members of both sides easily found their counterparts and fought, then talked, then battled the bad guys. It was awesome. This issue told us that something has happened to both of their native universes and needs fixed in the past of the universe they’re stuck in. I’m very excited for next issue to see where they end up and what’s going on. I really enjoy the art in Star Trek/Legion of Super-Heroes. It’s clean and organized and logical. This is my pick of the week. 5/5

Batgirl: issue 4 – Batgirl does battle with Mirror! The issue starts off well then picks up the action and stays going all the way through. I loved the battle with Mirror… the art was great and I like the way she battles him. I wasn’t really expecting this to happen this issue… I’m glad it didn’t get drug out. Next month… Barbara’s mother arrives and I assume the family drama will skyrocket! 4/5

Batwoman: issue 4 – I swear, the artwork is so good in every issue of Batwoman. I love how the first three issues’ events lead right up to this issue. Everything seems to flow so well and everything fits together. Batwoman learns more about the water spirit; something bad happens to Flamebird; and Cameron Chase gets some more information leading to Batwoman. I cannot wait for issue five. 5/5

The Defenders: issue 1 – This is a new series from Marvel that I kept seeing things for so I decided to pick it up. And then I read it. It could have been worse… it wasn’t the best but it left me feeling ehh. It has Doctor Strange, Namor, Silver Surfer, Red She-Hulk, and Iron Fist getting ready to go after Nul, Breaker of Worlds, who came from Fear Itself. I didn’t really enjoy the art that much and the story jumped around. Maybe it was the excessive advertisements; it just seemed disjointed. Maybe issue two will be better… I just know I won’t be picking it up. 1/5

Doctor Who: issue 12 – Happy Christmas to you! The Doctor saves Christmas… again. This time, he saves Santa from robots and helps deliver gifts to kids around the world. The art is much different than usual but that ok since it’s a special Christmas issue. 3/5

Frankenstein, Agent of S.H.A.D.E: issue 4 – This issue is the conclusion to the Monster Planet arc. It turns out that the planet itself is alive and was hijacked by the three “titan” monsters. This comic is awesome… I laughed out loud several times. The reaction of the sea monsters to the team is unexpected and fun. Father Time is incredible and hilarious… especially when he/she is controlling the war machines like it’s a video game. I can’t wait to see more of S.H.A.D.E. in action. 5/5

Green Lantern: issue 4 – My my my, the people of Korugar sure dislike Sinestro. (Not so) Surprisingly, Hal Jordan doesn’t die as we were led to believe last issue… and he’s not transported to the antimatter universe. I’m not sure what the antimatter universe is but I’d like to know why something wants to send Sinestro there. Sinestro and Hal are both captured by the Sinestro Corps and put into cells. Sinestro is lucky enough to be put with his people… which doesn’t turn out to be very good. In an attempt to defeat the Sinestro Corps, Sinestro creates a hundred temporary green rings for the other people in his cell. Next issue we’ll see if they take revenge on him or help him. 3/5

Green Wake: issue 7 – Green Wake is an interesting book. The artwork is crazy but fits very well. If you’re unfamiliar with Green Wake, let me sum it up. Somehow, people just appear in Green Wake. They keep to themselves usually but then some murders happen and the main character, Morley Mack, begins to understand more of how people get to Green Wake. Morley is actually able to get out of Green Wake and back into the real world but for some reason he has returned to Green Wake. In this issue, more murders start to happen and Morley is given some interesting information about the origin and purpose of Green Wake. It’ll be interesting to see how this develops. 4/5

Journey Into Mystery: issue 632 – Hellhounds! Loki is given a box of seven hellhounds and is charged with finding homes for them. It’s funny and a change of pace from the events of and following Fear Itself. And the warrior Volstagg plays Santa in Asgard… it’s awesome. 3/5

Legion Lost: issue 4 – The lost Legionnaires continue to track the evil Alastor and their teammate, Chameleon Girl. They’ve also now attracted the attention of humans who I’m sure will complicate things in the coming issues. I like the art and the story… one standout section is when Dawnstar is remembering the events that led to their crash in 21st century Earth. I’m hoping it picks up next issue… it feels a little slow. 3/5

Locke & Key: issue 3 – Oh Locke & Key, how wonderful you are. In issue three of Clockworks, the children decide to use the time key to see what has happened in the past. First they travel back to 1775 and witness the hanging from earlier in Clockworks… and the demon goat is there (but not yet demonized)! I loved the demon goat… if you don’t know what I’m talking about, I suggest you find issue one of this arc. Next, the children decide to travel back to see their father when he and his friends were using the keys. We see them perform The Tempest, which has awesome artwork. We also learn that there’s a rule about forgetting the keys… I can’t wait to learn more about that. The last page literally had me yelling, “Rendell, you idiot!” I loved everything about this issue. Pick it up before it sells out! 5/5

Resurrection Man: issue 4 – Wow. This issue was awesome. The fight starts and it just goes and goes. The Transhuman is pretty cool… I hope the character sticks around for a while. The angel Suriel shows up near the end and let me just say, I wouldn’t want to be on her bad side. And because it just wouldn’t be Resurrection Man without Mitch Shelley dying, Suriel appears to vaporize him. It’ll be neat to see how next issue resurrects Mitch. 4/5

Superboy: issue 4 – Superboy needs a good mentor. He needs direction. I’m pretty sure that working with N.O.W.H.E.R.E isn’t a good idea but lets see what happens. In this issue, an offer is made to Superboy and he ventures out into the real world. He levitates some annoying Christmas carolers, lights a huge Christmas tree on fire, and stops two murderers…ya know, normal teenage stuff. I like this book a lot and am excited to see what happens when he meets the Teen Titans. 5/5


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