Comics Catch-Up Corner

I’m continuing to catch up on comics I’ve been missing out on for a few months. It seems like every week, I discover new series I need to read. Luckily, most of them are pretty good and I really like. This week I caught up on one in particular that I don’t know how or why I missed in the first place; but I’m so glad I have it now–Wonder Woman!

Wonder Woman – I read issues one to three this weekend and let me tell you… I should have been on this comic from day one. Holy crap is it good. The story is awesome and the art is amazing. This is the first comic I’ve looked at the covers an thought, “That’s amazing… it’s all symbolic and ties in so well with the story.” The first issue introduces us to Diana (Wonder Woman), the god Hermes, a human girl named Zola and a god who I assume to be Apollo. The issue starts off with action and keeps up throughout. The second issue takes us to Paradise Isalnd–where the Amazons live. It also introduces us to the Queen Hera and the goddess, Strife. Strife seems like she’ll be a fun character. The third issue, as evidenced on the cover, is a shattering of something Wonder Woman had always believed. We learn the truth of her coming into existence and sets up the next issue nicely. I’m really, really looking forward to more issues! 5/5

Star Trek: issues one to three – I like seeing the new actors being drawn in this comic. Issues one and two are a remake of a classic series episode. I thought the art was well done and the storyline was good. I’ve seen the episode so I knew the story so the art is what I paid more attention to. Issue three is the first part of a new story. I don’t think this was an episode in the classic series but I could be wrong. Regardless, I liked it and am looking forward to the second part next issue. If you like Star Trek–the tv series or movie, I definitely recommend picking these up. 3/5

FF: issues one through twelve – I have finally caught up on FF. I really like the story… particularly all the Inhuman and Kree bits. Basically what’s happening is that Reed Richard and Susan Storm’s daughter went into another dimension and four Reed Richards came through with her back to her world. The Reeds hatch a plan to get back to their dimension that would cause the destruction of this Earth. So, once the Future Foundation finds out what’s going on, plans are made to stop this. There’s a lot of stuff going on in this story which is awesome. It’s a good read and the art is pretty good. I didn’t care for the art change in issue twelve though so hopefully it goes back to normal next issue. 4/5


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