Fright Night

Fright Night! This movie is awesome. It’s a remake and I am going to say right away, I have not seen the original. But… should I come across it at some point, I will definitely watch it. Now this version, that was just released today, is incredibly awesome and you must see it! It is a comedy/horror flick. It’s rated R, so sorry kids… but keep it in mind for when you’re older!

Fright Night is about a vampire named Jerry (I know… Jerry is such an awesome vampire name!) who lives in a small neighborhood in Las Vegas. Jerry is played by Colin Farrell who perfectly mixes sexy with freaky to create an absolutely awesome non-sparkling vampire… you know, a vampire that acts like a real vampire. He’s preying on people in the area who won’t be too missed, which is apparently not difficult in that area. He’s doing more than feeding but I’ll let you find out what his real plan is when you watch the movie. Jerry is eventually discovered to be a vampire by two kids, Ed and Adam. Shortly thereafter, Adam goes “missing.” Ed (played by Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Kick-Ass) enlists the help of his old friend Charley (played by Anton Yelchin, Star Trek). Charley and his girlfriend, Amy (played by Imogen Poots), quickly become Jerry’s next targets. When Jerry finally captures Amy, Charley searches out a magician/vampire hunter named Peter Vincent to help get her back.

Peter Vincent is my favorite character and is played by David Tennant, who you should know from Doctor Who; you may also remember him from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. David plays Peter so dramatically different from how he played the Doctor… it is amazing and hilarious and, once again, awesome. All of the characters were cast perfectly in my opinion. They all fit their roles so well and the movie was so good. It is so good to see that Hollywood remembers that vampires aren’t supposed to be sparkling and brooding all the time. Fright Night is a refreshing supernatural movie. The only complaint that I have about Fright Night isn’t with the movie itself, but with the advertising and promotion of the movie. They never really mentioned that David Tennant was in it… which is sad because he has a huge fan base. Before I saw the movie, I though he only had a small part, but no, his character is in a lot of the movie and is just plain awesome.

You’re saying to yourself, “This Ben person sure is saying the word awesome a lot about this movie… it’s kind of annoying.”

To that I can only reply, “Go watch this awesome movie called Fright Night and enjoy its awesome story and awesome non-sparkling vampire and awesome cast! Right now! It’s so awesome!!”


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