The Nice and Accurate Thoughts of Ben Eubank (re: comics)

Chew: issue 22 – Chew is back! Finally! In issue 22, we see what’s going on with Tony’s daughter, Olive. She’s been kidnapped by Mason Savoy in the hopes that he can train her to help him like he tried to have Tony do. While Savoy works on this, Agent Valenzano starts working on a case involving a coffee shop. It turns out that the barista is an effervinductor, which means that he can use food or drink to influence behavior.  What’s fun about this information is that Olive was able to tell Savoy and Valenzano this and help them solve the case. Olive is a cibolocuter, so she can smell food and get information the same way Tony has to taste food! She comes to an agreement with Savoy about working together by giving him the information to capture the “black-hearted barista.” I’m super excited to see how Tony reacts when it’s revealed that Olive is helping Savoy. While all of this fun is going on, Tony gets kidnapped by the crazy sports writer guy who had a thing for Tony’s girlfriend Amelia Mintz. Next issue: Tony has to eat a baseball player’s hand… ew. The art in this issue was fantastic as always and there are two covers… one showing Olive tied to a chair and one showing Tony tied to a chair. 5/5

Red Lanterns: issue 4 – This issue continues with Atrocitus being suspicious of Bleez. So, in a fantastic sequence of Skallox being bitten and then thrown into the blood ocean, Atrocitus learns that Bleez said something about “Atrocitus kill” and “we must,” although it’s not clear what was meant. Atrocitus throws Ratchet and Zilius into the blood ocean as well apparently in an attempt to find out what Bleez is planning, if anything. Through this issue, we start to learn some of their backstories. I’m looking forward to finishing those stories next issue. In a surprise twist, Atrocitus’s dead enemy and silent confidant, the Oan Krona, disappears. Next month, Krona… alive? 4/5

Justice League International: issue 4 – This month, we finally find out what the purpose of the Signal Men is and who is controlling them. The mud creatures have captured the JLI and Guy Gardner faces Peraxxus on the spaceship. Basically, Peraxxus has taken control of the giant robots on planets in the galaxy and uses them to destroy and mine them for ores and minerals. Peraxxus transports the JLI to the same place and explains what he plans. Godiva is successful in helping the JLI escape the mud creatures and try to fight Peraxxus. The JLI finally really seems to come together in this issue. But even with this new-found teamwork, Peraxxus escapes and initiates the destruction of Earth. It will be interesting to see what happens in the conclusion next issue. 3/5

Fear Itself: The Fearless: issue 4 – The Fearless begins this issue with a flashback to Brunnhilde’s past but I’m not sure why it was necessary. We find out that the D.O.A. is working with Sin to track the hammers. Sin and Crossbones travel into the ocean to track Nerkkod’s hammer. They find it and Namor the Sub-mariner shows up but Sin is fantastic at distracting him. She summons the Devourers and flees. Namor will be quite busy for a while I imagine. Meanwhile, Brunnhilde breaks into the Baxter Building to retrieve the Thing’s hammer. We’ll see how that turns out next month. 3/5

Voltron: issue 1 – This issue had a great cover. The interior art wasn’t my favorite. The story starts out in the middle of a battle and then time jumps around to when the apparent bad guy starts down his path. I’m interested to see what happens in issue two but I feel like the covers may be the best part. Someone sound off in the comments about your thoughts on this! 1/5


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