Jawbone UP

In early November, Jawbone released UP, a band designed to track sleep, movement, and eating. UP syncs via your iOS device to an app that shows how you’re doing and how any “teammates” are doing. It is an incredibly good idea… something to get average people to keep a closer eye on their health. However, UP has suffered from a hardware problem with the battery. Something happens that makes the band die a few different ways… it may suddenly not light up at all; it may lose charge very quickly; it may go into an endless “reset” mode.

In an email I sent to Jawbone support when my third UP died, I asked the following questions.

1. When do you expect to have this issue fixed so I don’t have to keep returning and exchanging my UP nearly every week?
2. How are you going to make up for this to customers who have had multiple tickets opened like I have?

Finally, Jawbone answered yesterday and I have to say, they have gone above and beyond anything I thought they would. They are offering a refund to anyone who buys an UP in 2011… and you get to keep the band! It also will not affect warranty so if something happens down the road, Jawbone will still replace the UP. They’ve paused production of UP until the problem is fixed. They think they’ve found the problem so hopefully a revised band will be shipping soon.

This sort of thing is what makes companies great. Enough people are interested in UP and have faith in Jawbone that this move, while costing them money, will reap good will and only help the company. I for one will keep buying Jawbone products and wish them the best. Unfortunately, last night after charging my fourth UP for the second time, it died… cross your fingers I’m able to find a new one at a retailer nearby!


2 responses to “Jawbone UP

  1. Wow! 4th one? I just got mine this weekend, When Jawbone announced that they were giving people who bought it in 2011 a full refund I went hunting for it that night, it was sold out in most places. I checked a few Best Buys and a lot of Target stores here in Southern California, I finally found a store that still had some! Bought it and applied for the $109 refund (takes 4-6 weeks to get), hope mine don’t break any time soon. After reading your post I’m not sure I want to charge it 6-7 days from now!

    • I love Jawbone products. I’ve been waiting for UP since they announced it in July. It’s sad they have this problem but I’m glad they recognize it and are taking good care of their customers. I’m waiting to do my refund until the end of the month just in case my current UP dies.

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