Morning Glories Deluxe Collection Volume 1

So the Morning Glories Deluxe Collection Volume One arrived this week. And how wonderful it is! This is a beautiful hardcover collection of the first twelve issues, along with a foreward by Damon Lindelof (LOST), and a ton of extras like covers, pencils, process and designs. The book feels like a school yearbook… it even has a pressed Morning Glories Academy crest on the front cover. The pages themselves feel good. They are not too glossy and they are not too papery. The volume has over 300 pages.

If you’ve never heard of Morning Glories, let me introduce you. The story follows six teenagers recruited by the mysterious Morning Glories Academy. Casey, Ike, Zoe, Hunter, Jade and Jun were all born on the same day and have much more in common than they know. Morning Glories has a twisting, time-jumping, character-driven plot much like that of the television show LOST. There are ghosts, strange bald girls, cults, psychotic nurses and deranged teachers, a hidden headmaster, and plenty of weird time jumps to centuries before. Whatever is going on at the Academy is part of something going on at least back to the 1400s in Spain. Every time I reread an issue, I always find something new or tie something together from another issue. Over a year into the series, I still don’t know what’s going on at the heart of the story but I don’t know that I want to at this point… there is just far too much going on that is exciting and my theories change with each issue.

Morning Glories is written by Nick Spencer who also writes The Infinite Vacation, Iron Man 2.0, Existence 2.0, and several other titles for Image, DC and Marvel. Joe Eisma and Rodin Esquejo are the artists of the series.


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